Guy to get $200 Million for Painting Some Murals. Is it Fair?

David Choe, seven years ago, accepted stock instead of money for painting murals on the walls of the very first Facebook office. Facebook is planning to go public this spring to raise about $5 billion. Choe’s shares are estimated to be worth about $200 million!

I can hear the haters now. “It’s not fair. There are so many people who have no money, and this guy gets $200 million for painting some walls.”

You see, this is the difference between these radical liberals and us sane folks. I say “radical liberals” because I don’t want to generalize too much in this case since there are many liberals who don’t think this way. When I hear a story like this one I think, “wow, how awesome! Good for him. He had no idea what would become of those shares and look at him now; a life changing event.” But many look at him in disgust, thinking he doesn’t deserve that money.

In fact, I did hear one of these haters today on the Michael Graham show. Michael asked him a very good question, for which he had no answer. If David Choe doesn’t deserve this money, who does? Sure, you might think that $200 million is too much for painting a few walls, but do people who painted no walls deserve a portion of the $200 million?

Not to mention the fact that those shares were Mark Zuckerberg’s to give. He created the company that obviously many find very valuable. What if it were you? What if you hired someone to paint your car, and feeling generous, you gave that person $10,000 dollars? How would you feel if people started talking about how unfair it is that the person you hired got paid $10,000 dollars? It’s your money. You earned it. You own it. You get to decide what to do with it.

So busy are these socialists feeling envy and hatred, that they have no time to ponder whether the freedom to earn as much as you are able to, is exactly what allows for innovative companies like Facebook to be created in the first place.

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