Month: November 2011

Does Anyone Care About the Budget?

This was a great moment in the debate last night, when Ron Paul reminded everyone that there is no money for any of this foreign aid that the rest of the candidates refuse to cut. Are these people serious? We’re on the brink of collapse and they even refuse to cut foreign aid. If a candidate refuses to even cut foreign aid, what exactly can we count on him to cut?

After this, Romney went on to list the specific cuts he was talking about, but he missed the point completely. Those are not real cuts! They are cuts to the proposed increases. It’s like gaining only 5 pounds this year, instead of the 10 you gained last year, and claiming you have lost 5 pounds.

We are so fortunate to have Ron Paul in these debates. Without him, no one would know that these “cuts” these people are talking about, are not real cuts, since the media will not be the ones to explain this to the American people.

Obama to Tax Christmas Trees to Help Christmas Trees?

Obama’s Agriculture department wants to put a 15-cent tax on Christmas trees so it can set up a program to “help” the Christmas tree industry.

I don’t even know what to say anymore. While zombie Americans sit at home watching their football games, our government becomes more and more dictatorial. Where does the executive branch get the authority to impose taxes or fees? Isn’t this the Congress’ job? And where does the government get the authority to get involved in any industry?

Where is congress while all of this is happening? We now assassinate Americans without a trial and allow the executive branch to do whatever it wants. Why not just make this an official dictatorship and get rid of all the congressmen? At least we’ll be saving some money by not having to pay the morons.