Month: February 2012

Santorum Makes a Complete Insider Out of Himself at the Debate

Rick Santorum

Image by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

I had yet to see a candidate this entire campaign season, admit to millions of people that he basically has no principles. Santorum admitted on Wednesday that he voted to fund Planned Parenthood because it was part of a “larger” bill that contained things he both liked and disliked. His solution? He added more government intervention to the bill to balance it out. Wow. Continue reading

Why Anti Price-Gouging Laws Don’t Work

When prices go up as a result of inflation or an increase in demand, there is a tendency for economic ignorants to call for what they see as the most common sense solution: use government to prevent companies from charging over a certain amount for a product. It’s typical for those who lack an understanding of an issue to choose a solution that deals only with the symptoms and not the cause. Continue reading

Sports Fans and Political Fans: The Similarities

I’m writing this right after watching the New England patriots lose to the Giants. I’m not a Football  fan at all but I usually catch the Super Bowl game. (The Super Bowl commercials, except for maybe two or three, were awful, by the way)

Anyway, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between sports fans and people who affiliate themselves with a political party. The reason that people back a particular sports team seems so arbitrary. If you’ve lived in Boston your whole life you’re more likely to be a Patriots fan. If you’re from New York you might be a Giants fan. Other than some irrational loyalty to a geographical region, there really isn’t any philosophical reason why you would back one team over another. Another reason that comes to mind is personality. Yankee fans and players, for example, are sometimes seen as very arrogant, and for that reason, many dislike them. Continue reading

Guy to get $200 Million for Painting Some Murals. Is it Fair?

David Choe, seven years ago, accepted stock instead of money for painting murals on the walls of the very first Facebook office. Facebook is planning to go public this spring to raise about $5 billion. Choe’s shares are estimated to be worth about $200 million!

I can hear the haters now. “It’s not fair. There are so many people who have no money, and this guy gets $200 million for painting some walls.” Continue reading