Month: October 2012

The One and Only Thing this Election Can be About

Romney vs Obama 2012

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Some are calling this election the most important in our lifetime. I agree to an extent, although I strongly disagree with those who think that we have, in one of these two candidates, the solution to our economic problems. Voters get so easily distracted that they forget what the problems are, that we are trying to solve.

The truth is that most republicans are not willing to do what it takes to fix what is broken. This is why Mitt Romney is the nominee. There’s been so much talk about whether we should lower or raise taxes, that we forget that we have a one trillion-dollar deficit, and are sixteen trillion dollars in debt. These numbers get thrown around a lot, but most Americans cannot even imagine how much money this is.

Republicans and democrats alike operate under the assumption that we can actually balance our budget without having to make significant cuts. The only thing Mitt Romney felt he could be specific about was PBS, which makes up about 0.014% of the budget, and he even got attacked for it by Obama and liberals who don’t understand that you don’t need the government to keep Big Bird on the air, and that this shouldn’t be the role of the federal government. Continue reading

Democrats Show Just How Serious They are About Solving our Debt Problem

Million Muppet March 2012

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A group is planning a march in DC to protest against the idea that maybe the government shouldn’t be subsidizing PBS. The Million Muppet March is the result of Big Bird being the only cut that Romney was actually specific about when he spoke of getting rid of waste and things that we have to “borrow money from China” to pay for.

Liberals everywhere are losing it. They say the money the government gives to CPB (which funds PBS) is miniscule compared to the $3.8 trillion the government spends. Is this really an argument for the continuation of the subsidy? Because I see it as being indicative of how little liberals actually understand about what our problems are. If they are unwilling to cut a miniscule $445 million, how in the world can we expect them to get serious about solving our debt problem? Continue reading

8 Reasons Why Democrats Should Hate Obama

Obama Laughing

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While not surprising, I still find it disturbing to watch people enthusiastically support a president that they actually don’t even agree with, or shouldn’t agree with. Every four years many come out of political hibernation to vote based on speeches and soundbites, for unfortunately, they just do not follow the actions of their candidate as closely as they do the actions of their favorite sports teams. We all claim to understand that most politicians will say anything to get elected yet we still support candidates based solely on what they say, not what they do.

I thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to compare the supposed beliefs of the average liberal not to Obama’s words, but his actions. I’ve compiled a list of some of Obama’s actions–specifically those that actually go against what liberals are supposed to stand for. Continue reading