Month: January 2013

We Think About What We’re Instructed to Think About


Image by Mike Chernucha on Flickr

It’s quite saddening to watch the ease with witch the media can distract Americans from the real problems that we face. As I mentioned in a previous article, the conversation about what happened in Newtown CT last month  has shifted from trying to prevent future massacres, to taking away things from citizens that we don’t believe they need. It’s not about figuring out whether passing new laws will prevent criminals from killing. It is now about doing something that we can all feel good about, and about taking rights away from people that have done nothing wrong because we don’t agree with their choices.

The media is now, more than ever, the most powerful branch of the federal government. They essentially decide what Americans will think about and how they will think about it. The current debate about assault rifles proves this point. The fact that strict drug laws have not prevented criminals from getting their hands on drugs, is completely ignored. The conversation is no longer about how to protect children, but about the opinion that no one should ever need an assault rifle to defend themselves. Continue reading