Month: November 2016

Hey Trump, ‘Pre-existing Conditions’ IS Obamacare!

It looks like Trump is already backtracking on Obamacare, which doesn’t really surprise me. I voted for Trump in the general election for the reasons stated in my post, Hate Trump, Vote Trump, but I did not support him in the primary, and one of my main reasons was his lack of knowledge on economic issues, which he exposed again by saying after winning the election, that he would like to keep the “pre-existing conditions” provision in Obamacare. Continue reading

Why We Need The Electoral College System

Trump's Electoral College Victory

I was hoping Trump would win both the electoral vote and the popular vote, so we wouldn’t have to deal with ignorant liberals again taking issue with the electoral college system. Clinton supporters, who criticized Trump for refusing to rule out any possibility that he would contest the results of the election, are now themselves, refusing to accept the election results.

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Patton Oswalt: America More Sexist Than Racist

Even after Donald Trump’s win, many liberals fail to understand why they lost. Simpleton celebrities like Patton Oswalt, think it is because most of America is sexist. The result of this election serves as proof of this fact, they say.

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