A Joke of a Debate

I watched the Republican debate at the Reagan Presidential Library last night, and I have to say I haven’t felt this hopeless for our country in a long time.

Ron Paul, who is in third place in many polls got ignored most of the night, while Huntsman who is in the low single digits got plenty of airtime. The airtime that they did give Paul, they made sure he used to respond to philosophical questions that the average voter does not care to take even a few seconds to think about.

Ron Paul, the only doctor on the stage, was ignored during the healthcare questions.

Ron Paul, who has been fighting to bring transparency to the Federal Reserve, and educating the public about monetary policy, and who is the only one who predicted our economic crisis years before it happened, got ignored during the jobs questions, while those who did get asked got the opportunity to verbally copy-and-paste what Ron Paul has been saying for years.

Ron Paul, who has been talking about bringing the troops home, not just from Iraq and Afghanistan, but from all over the world, got ignored during the foreign policy questions.

So what did Ron Paul get asked about? School lunches, FEMA, the minimum wage; topics that require the viewers to take some time to think about the possibility that what they have accepted as a given their entire lives just might actually be wrong.

The media spent the entire time trying to convince the voters that there are only two men they need to take seriously. I just do not understand the thought process of the people that work in the media. Have they no moral compass? How can these people participate in the blackout of the only candidate that predicted our economic crisis? How can they sleep at night, knowing that we are on the brink of collapse, and they are trying their hardest to make sure the American people do not hear from the only man that has been right all along? Is it that they do not see the seriousness of our situation? Or is it that they don’t care?

The excuse the media used last time Dr. Paul ran for president was that he wasn’t high enough in the polls to warrant any attention. Now Ron Paul is in third place, and it could not be more obvious that the media is afraid of what could result from him actually getting fair treatment in the debates. They say there is no way he can win, but isn’t that what the polls are for?  I’m having a hard time understanding how someone who in the last Gallup poll was in third place with 13% has less of a chance to win than Huntsman who is in last place, registering at a pathetic 1%.

The media bias has never been more apparent, and I do look forward to seeing what else they are planning to do, as Ron Paul continues to go up in the polls. The question is, are the American people paying attention? How much more obvious does the media need to be before they realize the media has been the one picking their candidates all along? You do not have to agree with Ron Paul to agree that there is something wrong here.

Ask yourself, what exactly is it that scares them about Paul? If, as they say, he has no chance of winning, why go through all this trouble? The answer is in the question. It is because he does have a chance, and they are not interested in allowing someone to be president that actually points out the hypocrisies of both parties.

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