Author: The Silent Bull

Why We Need The Electoral College System

Trump's Electoral College Victory

I was hoping Trump would win both the electoral vote and the popular vote, so we wouldn’t have to deal with ignorant liberals again taking issue with the electoral college system. Clinton supporters, who criticized Trump for refusing to rule out any possibility that he would contest the results of the election, are now themselves, refusing to accept the election results.

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Patton Oswalt: America More Sexist Than Racist

Even after Donald Trump’s win, many liberals fail to understand why they lost. Simpleton celebrities like Patton Oswalt, think it is because most of America is sexist. The result of this election serves as proof of this fact, they say.

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Hate Trump, Vote Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is clueless on many issues, but I’m voting for him anyway. He insults people. He says things you shouldn’t say as a candidate for president. Many times he makes stuff up as he goes along because the truth is he probably hasn’t thought about where he actually stands on many things. I don’t think he cares about the national debt, or cutting spending, things that I very much care about. But I’m voting for him anyway. Continue reading

Odia a Trump, Vota por Trump

Donald Trump

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Existen varios problemas de los que Donald Trump no sabe nada, pero como quiera votaré por él. El insulta la gente. El dice cosas que no debería decir como candidato a la presidencia. . Muchas veces se inventa cosas a medida que pasa el tiempo porque en realidad el probablemente ni se ha detenido a pensar en cual es su opinión propia sobre los hechos. No creo que le importe la deuda nacional o reducir gastos, cosas que son realmente importantes para mi como votante. Pero voy a votar por el como quiera. Continue reading

Trump Is A Hillary Plant

Trump Clinton Plant

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. This election season has been very frustrating, and I’ve opted to keep my mind focused more on other things; happier things. I did want to spend some time today to write an “I told you so” post for the many republicans responsible for the destruction of the best opportunity the party has ever had to advance the principles of limited government and free markets.

It’s been frustrating to watch republicans nominate the worst possible candidate to go against Hillary Clinton. A candidate who almost no one likes, democrat or republican, is about to become the president of the United States. This is despite all of the “coincidences” that point to the very strong possibility that she’s been involved in unethical, and possibly criminal, behavior. Continue reading

What Rand Paul Accomplished In The Foreign Policy Debate

Rand Paul - Marco Rubio

The perception has been that Rand is weak on foreign policy. Last night, Rand positioned himself as someone who not only knows what he’s talking about, but is actually strong on national defense. Going after Rubio on immigration and tying that issue to the issue of terrorism was brilliant. With this he was able to get ahead of those who have in the past attacked him as weak on this issue, and he is now controlling the conversation. Continue reading

When to End a Friendship Over Politics

Image by Daniel Lee

Image by Daniel Lee

I started getting interested in politics and economics about eight years ago, and I like to say it’s been both a blessing and a curse. It’s obviously extremely important to be informed of what’s going on, especially when you realize that people way more ignorant than yourself are running things and get to make decisions that affect your life. But being informed sometimes leads to frustration when you are surrounded by so many who are not informed at all, but still choose to participate in the political process.

I read this great article by Jack Hunter on friendship and politics. It makes the case for never letting politics affect your friendships, and for the most part, I agree. But I can’t deny the fact that the way I see certain people has definitely changed based on their political views.
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So What If You Work Hard?

Hating those who are successful and blaming them for the lack of success of others, has become a disturbing trend, especially among young people. I think part of the problem is the fact that many have subscribed to the false notion that if you work hard you will succeed. This is a lie that has been repeated so much that most don’t even question it. Continue reading