Balance the Budget by Taxing the Rich?

The credit agency S&P has downgraded the U.S. for the first time in the company’s history, for failing to accurately deal with its deficit and debt crisis.

This has caused some Democrats to blame Republicans–specifically, tea party Republicans–for not giving in when the Democrats wanted to include tax increases as a way to decrease the deficit.

Is the Tea Party being unreasonable for refusing to support tax increases as a way to deal with this problem? Well, here’s how I look at it. In a previous post, I explained that even with all of the problems we are currently facing, congress still refuses to at least keep spending levels exactly the same as they were last year. As part of that debt deal, they actually increased spending, at a time when cuts are badly needed.

So, here is my question to those who support giving the government more money. If the government is unwilling to at least stop growing at such a critical time, what makes you think that raising taxes will not cause us to have to face this same crisis again? Say we do raise taxes on the “other guys,” and balance our budget. What will happen next year, when the government continues to increase spending? Will you then support that we raise taxes some more on the rich, to balance our budget again? When will you say the government has enough money? When will you say that government has grown enough? When will you say the rich have paid enough? When will you say enough is enough?

Democrats successfully demagogue the issue and try to appeal to people’s envy toward the rich. “Those rich guys have so much money. Do they really need it? We should tax them more.” This is nothing but a political technique to distract citizens from the real problem and to cause them to think with their emotions.

Forget about the rich for a minute and ask yourself if the government will ever say it has enough money to function. Ask yourself, how long the budget would stay balanced, if we were to balance it today, and consider the fact that the government has doubled in size in the last ten years. Are we better off than we were ten years ago? Would it be extreme to suggest that we cut the government by 50%? Were we not able to survive just fine with a government half the size of what it is today?

Let us not allow anyone to distract us from the real issue. The government spends too much, and it never stops! This is the problem, and giving them more money would make us enablers. It is time the source of the problem is dealt with.

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