Debt Ceiling Crisis Averted. Debt Crisis Remains.

They have acted like terrorists,” said vice president Joe Biden, referring to the tea party congressmen and their opposition to raising the debt ceiling. The latest debt deal has passed in the house, and it’s on its way to the senate, where it is expected to pass.

Unfortunately, the vice president is not alone, for many out there actually believe that our problem is a debt ceiling problem, rather than a debt problem. Many at home are breathing a sigh of relief, and politicians are padding themselves on the back for a job done.

Proponents of raising the debt ceiling often point out the potentially bad outcome if it isn’t raised, but they always conveniently ignore option B. They never want to talk about what will happen if we keep borrowing. Is thinking about the pros and cons no longer considered a good way to make life-altering decisions?

The bill, of course, does not cut a single penny. The debate was never about how much to cut, but instead about how much to increase our spending by. Congress and the president are feeling pretty good about themselves for having reached a deal that actually increases spending, as if what matters is that they worked together to get something done, rather than focusing on exactly what it was that was done.

What is most disturbing is the fact that a mere freeze on the spending would have been way better than this debt deal that will be touted as having helped us avert a “crisis,” the same way an individual deep into debt averts a crisis by getting yet another credit card. Think about this. Many have lost their homes and jobs, and most in congress refuse to even keep government spending exactly the same, let alone to actually reduce it.

They speak of cuts in the bill, and most in the media fail to mention that they are not cuts in spending, but instead cuts in the spending plan, which still includes an increase in spending. So if my original plan was to spend $1,000 that I do not have, and instead I decide to spend only $500, using congress’ logic, I can claim to have saved $500. Even if the cuts were real, cutting $900 billion dollars in ten years, when the deficit is $1,500 billion every year, is a laughable “solution.” In reality, the deal adds another $7 trillion dollars to our debt. Yeah, let’s all celebrate!

I won’t be as harsh as the vice president, to those who disagree with me, but I can accurately point out that anyone that claims this debt deal cuts any spending is either ignorant or a liar, and possibly, both. And those in congress who are voting for this bill and claim to be doing what is best for the country, I may accurately call frauds, as there is no excuse for congressmen to be ignorant of the contents of the bills they vote for.

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