Enough Demagoguery!

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It seems like the more complex a political issue is, the more it gets over-simplified by the Left, who have become experts at turning everything into a black-and-white situation. Whenever they present their solution to the public, they always start with the false premise that their solution works. Rather than make the debate about which policies would actually solve the problem, they would like everyone to come to the quick conclusion that if you are opposed to their solution, you must be against any solution, and you just don’t care about the people they are trying to “help.”

If you believe minimum wage laws hurt the poor, you must hate the poor. If you don’t believe it is the government’s job to take taxpayer money and pay for everyone’s birth control pills, you must hate women. If you don’t like Affirmative Action laws, you must hate minorities. If you don’t believe in giving citizenship to illegal immigrants, you must hate immigrants. If you believe we should ID people who vote, you must be against minorities voting. If you don’t like gun control laws, you must not care about the children. If you don’t like Obama, you must be racist.

But who is it that cares about solving our problems? Is it really those who refuse to participate in a civil debate about the possible consequences of certain policies? Or is it those who point out that we have to be careful and not let our emotions lead us into supporting laws that have obvious negative consequences for the very people we are all trying to help?

No issue illustrates this better than the minimum wage, which democrats are now using in order to show just how cruel republicans and libertarians can be. They are quick to accuse republicans of being anti-science, yet they ignore the most basic law of Economic Science–the law of Supply and Demand–which shows that the higher the price of a good, the lower its demand. You need not look further than this basic law, to see why minimum wage laws are the last things you should support if you truly care about the poor. But they would rather you ignore this basic fact, because the more simple they can make an issue the more people they can convince who are ignorant of the complexities of the issue.

The less willing a person is to debate, the more obvious it becomes that the true goal isn’t solving our problems, but instead to score political points by appealing to the emotions of those who haven’t really considered all sides of the issues objectively.

An MSNBC host recently went as far as to say that attacking Obama on the IRS scandal is the equivalent of using the ‘N‘ word. It was revealed that the IRS, under Obama, had targeted some non-profit organizations for closer scrutiny based on their political beliefs, a behavior that should scare anyone, regardless of your political affiliation. But according to some, you aren’t allowed to be upset about this. If you are, you must be racist.

Are they really this narrow-minded? Some are. Others know exactly what they are doing: using demagoguery as a tool to try to silence those who oppose them, and historically, it has worked. I believe this is how the Left has been able to scare some republicans into supporting minimum wage laws, which make no economic sense. They’ve been able to silence many who fear being accused by the media, of being heartless. Fortunately, there is a New Right on the rise, that has had enough, and that won’t be scared into hiding.

Many political issues are actually economics issues, and I get really tired of hearing the opinions of those who have no knowledge of, or even an interest in economics, who believe that the passing of a law can accomplish things that go completely against economic science, common sense, and human nature.

You don’t have to agree with me, but I expect that as adults, those opposed to my solutions would at least have the decency to focus on why they believe their solutions are superior, rather than resort to name-calling as a way to try to silence their opposition.

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