Hate Trump, Vote Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is clueless on many issues, but I’m voting for him anyway. He insults people. He says things you shouldn’t say as a candidate for president. Many times he makes stuff up as he goes along because the truth is he probably hasn’t thought about where he actually stands on many things. I don’t think he cares about the national debt, or cutting spending, things that I very much care about. But I’m voting for him anyway.

Why? Because none of the things I hate about Trump are worse than being a corrupt, lying, career politician, and most importantly, someone who has zero clue how an economy works and how jobs are created.

When Hillary Clinton talks about forcing companies to give away profits to their employees, it should scare the hell out of you. We have about 100 million Americans out of work, many under-employed, and Hillary thinks that to help the economy, it’s a good idea to make employees more expensive. What happens when something becomes more expensive? Do you buy more of it, or less? At a time when so many Americans need jobs, Hillary thinks making employers pay more for each person hired, is going to make them want to hire more. This is the kind of plan you can expect from a career politician who has no idea what it’s like to actually work for a living. Say what you want about Trump but at least the man makes his money by creating things, and in the process, creating jobs. Hillary Clinton has been living off taxpayer money for most of her life.

Politicians who don’t understand how businesses work and how jobs are created are downright dangerous because they always support not the policies that work, but the ones that make them look like they care. The minimum wage is the best example of a law that hurts the poor by making it harder for them to get ahead, yet it’s become increasingly hard to find a politician that will tell the truth about it. You can read my posts on the minimum wage here, and here.

Hillary Clinton is corrupt. She put the country in danger by using a private email server because she wanted to hide her corruption. Yet she faced no consequences because she is Hillary Clinton. She’s the personification of what we all hate about politicians. She’s so well connected to the system that has gotten us into the mess we are in today, that she was able to force her way into the nomination when democrats clearly preferred Bernie Sanders. The media even colluded with her campaign to make sure she became the nominee.

There’s enough evidence to conclude that as Secretary of State, she was selling favors, like when she ended up making a decision that favored the telecom company Ericsson, shortly after Ericsson paid her husband, Bill Clinton, $750,000 “to give a speech.” And then there was the time that she tried to bribe the Haitian senate president. When he refused to be bought, his visa was revoked by then president, Bill Clinton.

The list just goes on and on. Watch Clinton Cash for more. There’s a lot more. The fact that you may not have even heard about some of these allegations should be proof enough that she’s not the candidate you should vote for. Trust in the media is at an all time low. Americans are waking up to the fact that they’re not really the ones that pick the president; that the media, with their propaganda, cover what is convenient and cover up what is not.

If it were Trump who had been secretary of state and was selling favors and handing out positions of power to his donors, you wouldn’t hear the end of it. Instead what we keep hearing about is how mean Trump is and how he called people fat. Oh and of course that he’s racist, which brings me to my next reason for voting for him.

Being against illegal immigration is not the same as being against immigrants. Saying that there are many illegal immigrants, some of them Mexican, who are here committing crimes rather than contributing to society, is not the same as saying that all Mexicans are criminals. Saying that we should temporarily halt immigration from high risk countries is not the same as being against all Muslims. Enough with this nonsense!

I have to believe that most people are smart enough to understand this. The problem is that most people are cowards, too scared to be called names for pointing out the difference between real racism and disagreements in policy. Don’t be a coward. Think for yourself and stop letting everyone around you bully you into thinking you’re a bad person because you have common sense.

This may be the most important positive thing to come out of a Trump win in November. We need to show the demagogues that calling everyone who disagrees with them, ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ or whatever other insult they use to silence their opposition, is not gonna work anymore. I think this alone would be a huge positive for the country.

I think we are screwed regardless of who wins in November. Both Trump and Hillary would continue spending like there are no consequences. But I would rather take my chances with the businessman who at least understands that raising taxes is not the way to encourage more hiring. I’d rather take my chances with the mean candidate who curses and says politically incorrect things, than with the well spoken criminal who lacks knowledge of even the most basic laws of economic science.

Hillary loves to talk about how great of a president her husband was. Think about this for a moment. When Bill Clinton was president, the government was half the size that it is today. Are we actually that much better off than we were fifteen years ago? Why should we believe that continuing to raise taxes and continuing to increase the size of government will actually produce some good this time? Are we to think these politicians will actually spend the extra money wisely? Will they pay down some debt? The same government that allows millionaires to live in federally-subsidized public housing?

The real reason the establishment, democrat and republican, and the media, hate Trump is that he’s not part of their click. They can’t control him because he owes them nothing. The Democrat party on the other hand, has already shown how they repay their top donors. It’s criminal. It’s treasonous.

I should reiterate that I am not a Trump supporter. My previous post was entitled Trump is a Hillary Plantand I’m still not 100% sure if Trump is actually in this to win it. What he does in the next debate will help me decide this. In the event that he truly is trying to win and not throwing the election, and given the fact that we really only have these two choices, I am voting Trump.

It’s not a vote for Trump, but a vote against corruption, demagoguery and economic ignorance. It’s a vote against the establishment that feels they are entitled to pass the presidency around to whomever, within their circle of friends, they feel should be next.

Trump is a question mark, for sure. We really have no clue where he actually stands on many issues. I think he at least genuinely cares about putting America’s interests first. At a time when president Obama is planning to give away oversight of the internet to international entities, I’ll take my chances with Trump over globalist, crooked Hillary.

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  • Well said! If Hillary would’ve won and increased taxes, it would’ve been like a pay cut. I can’t afford the cut. And lowering the business tax from the highest in the world at 35% to 15% will be wonderful for businesses and will mean they have more money for hiring, for raises, for new product development, and simply to sustain themselves.