Is Ron Paul Racist?

Ron Paul

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Ever since a week or two before the Iowa caucuses, when it became clear that Ron Paul wasn’t going away and that his support was continuing to increase, numerous stories have come out about some twenty-year-old newsletters that were sent out under Ron Paul’s name, that contained some racist comments. The media has been showing some quotes from these newsletters in their attempt to convince people that Ron Paul is a racist.

Here is Ron Paul’s side of the story. He did not write the letters that contained those racist comments. He was practicing medicine at the time and had about eight people working for him on those newsletters. He was the publisher and not the editor or author of everything that went out, which means he did not read every single letter. Out of the hundreds of letters that were sent out, a few did contain some racist comments, but he did not read those until years later, when it was brought to his attention.

How many letters were sent out? Monthly editions were sent out for twenty years, for a total of about two hundred and forty editions. How many of them contained racist comments? Nine. And those nine letters were sent out during a two year period between 1991 and 1993, at a time when Ron Paul was practicing medicine.

Should you believe Ron Paul when he says he didn’t write those letters? His constituents in his district certainly believe him, since he has been elected there twelve times despite those newsletters having been brought up. Nelson Linder, the director of the local NAACP office in Austin Texas, also believes him.

Why do they believe him? First, because the writing style of those racist letters do not match Ron Paul’s. Secondly, because everything that Ron Paul has ever said and written completely contradicts the sentiment in those letters.

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who talks about how the drug laws are enforced unfairly, affecting blacks and other minorities disproportionately. Would a racist person speak out against this at a time when no one else is even talking about it?

Ron Paul used to provide free medical care to people who couldn’t afford it, which included many poor minorities. Would a racist person provide free services to minorities without being forced to do so?

Ron Paul has always made sure to remind people that we are all individuals, and that we should stop thinking of people in terms of belonging to certain groups.

You have a choice to make. Looking at the evidence that I have provided, if you choose to still believe Ron Paul is a racist, understand that you are ignoring things that can be proven, like his opinion on the drug war, and you are deciding to believe the one thing that cannot be proven to be true; that he actually did write the letters that contradict what he has been talking about for at least thirty years.

If you want to blame him for not being aware of everything that went out under his name, I think that would be fair criticism. But to accuse him of being racist is to completely ignore all the evidence to the contrary.

I will leave you with the following video. It is of one of the many minorities that Ron Paul helped out when he was a doctor. Watch it and ask yourself why both Republicans and Democrats are using these kinds of tactics to stop this man from becoming president.

Ask yourself what the media and both parties would do if ever an honest politician, an outsider, decided to run for president and actually started exposing them and convincing people that they have been fooled by both parties for a long time and that no one else, Republican or Democrat, is serious about fixing what is wrong with the country. The answer to that question is there for all to see.

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