Is The Establishment Inadvertently Helping Ron Paul?

It seems obvious, at least to me, that the establishment needed someone else besides Ron Paul to be a Tea Party candidate, since they anticipated that Michele Bachmann was not going to last very long, and it would be dangerous for them to have Ron Paul be the only top-tier candidate considered to be anti-establishment.

Rick Perry is now talking about some of the issues that Ron Paul has been talking about for many years, except he has been using harsher language. He said Ben Bernanke was committing treason, and called Social Security a Ponzi scheme, which of course, it is. He even used the term military adventurism; all of this while being portrayed by the media as a serious threat to Mitt Romney. The establishment wants to make sure those voters that are looking for an anti-establishment candidate, find one in one of their guys. I had a hard time believing, during the last debate, that Rick Perry actually believed what he was saying, though. When pressed about calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme, he didn’t even defend his position, but instead kept repeating the same phrase, as if reading from a script. If you pressed me on this, I would start by informing you of what a Ponzi scheme is. That it is a Ponzi scheme is fairly easy to prove.

I believe Mitt Romney is still the candidate the establishment wants to see get the nomination. Governor Perry is a tool, a decoy, to prevent Romney from having a real anti-establishment opponent, and is just benefiting from being someone new that most voters don’t know a lot about, much like Herman Cain, Donald Trump and Michele Bachmann temporarily benefited.

I can understand this strategy and it really is their only option for trying to prevent Ron Paul from getting the nomination. The problem, for them, is that it could backfire. The establishment and media often get voters to support things by creating a “consensus” that those who do not follow politics all that much subconsciously feel pressured to get behind. By treating Perry as someone who must be taken seriously, after calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme and Bernake, treasonous, they are legitimizing some of the complaints Ron Paul has had for decades; the same complaints that caused the media to dismiss him as kooky last time he ran for president.

The biggest obstacle for Paul has always been that most voters are not quite ready to think outside the box. Well, it seems the establishment, along with Perry, is giving Paul a hand in this area. What will happen when Republican voters find out Rick Perry used to be a Gore-supporting Democrat, who even after becoming a Republican, praised Hilary’s healthcare plan, and that he tried to force young girls in Texas to get vaccinated against an STD, via executive order? Will Perry go the way of Bachmann, who is already starting to fade away? Will Ron Paul still be there, with higher poll numbers, and a population even more willing to listen to what the doctor is saying, thanks to Governor Perry?

Make no mistake, the establishment is well aware that there is a possibility Ron Paul could get this nomination, otherwise they would not be trying so hard to undermine him. A candidate with his monetary support, who has been steadily rising in the polls, and that has been right all along, at a time when the American people are concerned about the economy, and are tired of the wars…that is a dangerous combination; dangerous for those that are more interested in holding on to the status quo than in fixing what is wrong with this great country.

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