Isn’t Ron Paul the Clear “Bizarro” Romney?

“We put a national poll in the field today and [it’s] pretty clear your new leader is Rick Santorum,” said Public Policy Polling on Twitter yesterday. It’s obvious Republicans are still looking for the anti-Romney, or “bizarro” Romney, for the Seinfeld fans.

Is Ron Paul not the most different from Romney?

Mitt Romney Ron Paul
Supported TARP Against ALL bailouts
Flip flopper 30-year record of consistency
“I’m not going to focus on the Federal Reserve” Introduced bill to audit the Federal Reserve
Plan to cut spending cuts only proposed increases, so it cuts nothing Plan to cut spending actually cuts $1 trillion in the first year
Didn’t see the financial crisis coming Warned about the housing bubble back in 2003
Waits to see what people think of something before going public with his opinion Speaks the truth regardless of public opinion
Never served in the military Served in the U.S. Air Force for 5 years
Smooth talker Straight talker
Believes mandates were a good idea for Massachusetts Believes mandates are a bad idea anywhere
Still believes providing foreign aid, with no money, is a good idea Would end all foreign aid
Still believes it’s all the Democrats’ fault Has criticized even his own party for not standing up for conservative principles
Would do nothing to remove troops from the places where they are no longer needed Would bring troops home from over 150 countries

Santorum? Sorry GOP. Try again. He did opposed TARP, I’ll give him that, but he voted to raise the debt ceiling more than a few times, voted for No Child Left Behind and also has no plans to deal with the Federal Reserve, which has participated in secret bailouts. Oh, and he has no plan to make actual cuts. What happened to the budget being one of the main issues for Republicans this time around?

How bizarre. In Virginia, the only candidates on the ballot are Romney and Paul and according to Quinnipiac, the race looks like this right now:

  • Romney 68%
  • Paul 19%

So, Republicans don’t like Romney but they like Ron Paul even less, apparently. Well, there goes the strategy of becoming the anti-Romney. I guess that strategy works well only if you are a candidate with no plans to cut spending and balance the budget. “We don’t want Romney, but we don’t want a candidate too different from Romney. So, we do want Romney, but with a different face,” is what they are saying. And soon enough they’ll be saying, “well, we take that back. We do want Romney. He’s a true conservative. Just listen to him speak!”

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