Obama Contraception Mandate Economically and Constitutionally Stupid

Religious institutions are rightfully angered by the Obamacare mandate that forces health insurance companies to provide free contraceptives as part of their plans. I am sure many of those who are angry right now, supported Obamacare, until they realized it would interfere with something important to them.

I do like seeing people become angry over legislation that they supported when they thought it would only affect other people. The talk now becomes about religious freedom when in fact it has always been about individual freedom and the government not having the authority under the Constitution to force anyone to provide anyone with anything.

Not to mention what this does to the cost of health insurance. I think Obama and his supporters really do think they can magically make something free. You really have to be willing to abandon all common sense to be a leftist on economic issues. They complain about the cost of insurance while they keep insisting on more and more one-size-fits-all plans. I have an idea. Let’s force car insurance companies to cover oil changes and see what happens to the cost of car insurance.

Those who love big government see no problem here. They’ll just have to find a way to “fix” the law. It gives their dictatorial minds another reason to sit down and think about what it is they will have the rest of us do next. They are just so smart. I can’t wait to see what they come up with here.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard some on the left are demagoguing the issue and pretending like those who oppose the law are somehow against women’s rights to use contraceptives. Yeah, because if I don’t want to provide you with free food, I am somehow against you eating, and I want to see you starve to death.

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