Patton Oswalt: America More Sexist Than Racist

Even after Donald Trump’s win, many liberals fail to understand why they lost. Simpleton celebrities like Patton Oswalt, think it is because most of America is sexist. The result of this election serves as proof of this fact, they say.

This speaks volumes to the inability of those making this claim, to mentally process issues that are more complex than gender and color. You see, simple minds need to over-simplify and reduce concepts to the tiny size required for them to fit into their little brains.

Think about all of the important issues that matter to voters–foreign policy, economic policy, the national debt and deficit, regulations, taxes, having a president that isn’t a criminal, etc. Patton Oswalt and other liberal idiots have concluded that it is impossible for voters to have actually made a decision about whom to vote for based on any of those issues. Impossible.

They really do believe that they are so smart, that there is no way that other people exist that could possibly be interested in anything more important than the stupid shit that occupies their very limited minds. It must be gender. It must be race. What else could it be?

Stick to comedy Patton. I liked you in The King of Queens.

When I was a kid I used to think adults were smart. Now that I’m an adult I realize that adults are just older children.

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  • David Gorski

    as hilarious as he is, Patton Oswalt is a staunch, hardcore, unrepentant atheist… it’s no surprise that he battles with profoundly deep depression; something he has recently begun incorporating into his stand up comedy. obviously this is a kind of therapy for him. I won’t be surprised if he commits/attempts suicide within the next fifteen years. 😕 his tweet about America, as a whole, being racist and sexist is knee-jerk and based on nothing other than this was the official mantra of the propaganda channels looping that idea 24 hours a day, seven days a week during this election for what seemed like ten years!!