Ron Paul Never Got Any Bills Passed? Good.

Here’s an interesting attack that some have been using against Ron Paul lately: Ron Paul was only able to get 1 out of 600+ bills passed in the thirty years he’s been in congress. This shows, they say, that while some of Ron Paul’s ideas are good, the man cannot get people to work with him and get behind those ideas. He just wouldn’t be able to get anything done.

Hmmm. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas that congress has been able to get behind: The Patriot Act, bailouts, the continual raising of the debt ceiling, No Child Left Behind, illegal wars, the NDAA (indefinite detention of Americans without a trial), etc. With this kind of people in congress, I think I would be suspicious of Paul’s bills if congress had gotten behind them.

Somehow, Ron Paul is to blame for congress not voting for any of his good ideas. Perhaps Ron Paul should have mixed it up a bit. If every once in a while he would have written some big government bills with patriotic-sounding names, he could have gotten some of those passed, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. After all, it’s all about getting things done, right?

This is the mentality that is killing us, and now that Republicans have control of the house, the media has been able to convince many people that the problem in Washington is that congress is just not working together. If they would just work together we could fix our problems, they say, ignoring the fact that all of the bad policies that have gotten us into this mess were enacted because congress has actually been able to work together quite well.

To answer the question though, for those concerned, about how Ron Paul would be able to get good things done, the answer is actually very simple. First, congress is made up of a bunch of politicians that have no strong beliefs. They are there because they like being politicians and because of this, they tend to go along with whatever the “consensus”  is. If the leadership were to change in the form of a Paul presidency, I believe the Republican party would change, and those in congress would start seeing Paul’s positions as acceptable positions to hold. The cowards that voted for the Patriot Act because they were afraid to have to explain to their constituents why on earth they would be against a bill named the Patriot Act after what happened on September 11th, would find comfort in knowing that they have a president that isn’t afraid of demagogues and would stand up for the truth regardless of how the media would try to portray the party’s positions.

Secondly, Ron Paul is the only one that points out the hypocrisy of both parties. As he has said before, to cut spending everything needs to be on the table. He would tell liberals to cut some domestic spending, and conservatives to cut some military spending. That’s a compromise in the right direction; not the usual compromise of making everyone happy by increasing spending for both sides.

In this era of reality TV, let’s try to keep the focus on the things that should be done and not on empty phrases, like “getting things done,” at least as it relates to the survival of the greatest country on earth.

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  • George Washington

    Perhaps most of the bills were not good for America or follwed the Constitution. Look at the mess we are in now. Is it possible that Ron Paul was correct? Do you expect him to break his oath to up hold the Constitution simply because everybody else is doing it?

    How do you think Mr. Paul got elected 12 times to Congress? It is because the people who actually know him, LOVE HIS RECORD!

    Ron Paul 2012 Please

    PS. How is everything working out now? I think Obama want another 1.2 Trillion.

    • I hear ya. It’s almost like the American people really don’t care whether he is correct or not. They may know it in their hearts, but it’s apparently not enough. The political machine that they complain about, they actually can’t get away from. Not unless the media creates a perception that most voters are actually voting based on the truth, which will never happen.

  • Wonderful article. The fact that Paul didn’t get a lot passed shows a fault in the sorry politicians that rule us today! That’s like blaming Martin Luther King because he wasn’t able to reverse segregation. Did that mean that he was wrong? No! It meant that society was screwed up! As you pointed out, was Paul supposed to author big-government spending bills in order to say he passed a bill? Should he pass a bad bill just so he can say he got one? Absolutely not!

    • To the voters being part of a group seems to be more important than anything. They may know what is right, but if they have to choose between being right and being accepted, we all know what their choice is.

  • Texaroni

    And the funny thing is, if you actually LOOK at the bills he tried to pass, they’re actually awesome bills that attempt to restore powers to Congress, take power from the President, and repeal unconstitutional legislation that has sent us down this road. Ron Paul’s proposed bills are amazing…no wonder our crappy Congress didn’t pass them.

    • Yeah, pretty sad that these types of attacks actually work. What does that say about the American people when they see ‘principled’ as being a bad quality.