Ron Paul Won in 2008 And is Winning in 2012

Ron Paul Rally for the Republic

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Many Ron Paul supporters are feeling discouraged, after what they just witnessed. I am not one of them. I didn’t really expect Paul to win any states on Super Tuesday.

I’ve been a supporter of Paul since 2007, so I understand exactly what it is we are fighting against. He was laughed at by other candidates for talking about money-printing being the cause of rising prices, and for suggesting that we need to understand the motives of our enemies. When debate moderators weren’t ignoring him, they were making sure everyone at home thought he was unelectable. Unelectable; the only candidate in 2008 that was bringing up the dollar crisis and the debt when these issues were just not part of the political discourse.

So, forgive me for not having gotten my hopes up; for thinking that there was no way that enough people would wake up to give Ron Paul a win. I mean, we have Republicans talking about going to war with Iran over a weapon that there is no evidence they are building. This is after the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” debacle. People who are not even a little bit skeptical about the war propaganda being fed to us now, after what happened in Iraq, are a lost cause, and that’s just putting it nicely.

However, there is a bigger picture here, one that I am very optimistic about. What Ron Paul started was never about winning a race, it was about changing minds. We live in a country where a woman who asks that taxpayers pay her so she can have safe sex, is given a platform on which to speak, by Congress. Think about what that means. Did you think this was going to be quick and easy? Look at the world in which we live.

The media is in complete control over the thoughts of the voters. The fact that they can convince them that the candidate with the best chance to win in the general election, is actually the candidate with the worst odds, is proof of this. They have gotten the voters to completely forget about the debt and the budget deficit. You would think this wouldn’t be an easy task. After all, the Tea Party movement was very loud about these issues. But today, they vote for candidates with no plans to cut spending. It turns out they didn’t really want change after all.

Ron Paul knows that unless we make the public understand why the constitution matters, and what the role of the government ought to be, it won’t matter who we elect as president. This isn’t a Get Free Quick scheme. It’s a Liberty movement. And look at what this liberty movement has been able to accomplish in just five years.

Rand Paul was elected Senator, and with his popularity among Republicans, has a tremendous opportunity to win the presidency in 2016.

Other liberty candidates, like Justin Amash, have been elected to Congress; candidates that really do stand for small government. People who never got involved in politics are getting elected at the local level.

We have people in the Republican party at least talking about getting rid of departments.

The constitution is being mentioned again. That’s nice.

The term “Keynesian Economics” is now being mentioned like never before. Austrian Economics has never been more popular.

You may think this is minor, but on every primary/caucus night, Ron Paul has been able to address the entire country without spending an extra dime. Think about the number of people that watched him speak after the New Hampshire primary, for example. That was almost twenty minutes of free advertising for the liberty movement. Think about all of the people that may have started to wake up on that day.

Young people have been flocking to the message of liberty. Those Republicans who claim to believe in small government yet did not vote for Paul…they have no idea they have Paul to thank for saving their party, for the young people that Ron Paul has brought into the party will become the party. Where would they have gone without the movement that Ron Paul started? They would have either remained apathetic or perhaps would have joined the Occupiers to call for more government involvement in every aspect of our lives.

Do you think Ron Paul is feeling down right now? Ron Paul has been fighting for these ideas for over thirty years. In 2007, his only hope was to have only a few people listen to him in a debate. He had no idea how that number would grow. Look at this from his point of view. Thirty years of being ignored; of being the lone voice of reason in Congress. His political career was almost over, and all that he accomplished up until 2007 was build a record of constitutional consistency in the hopes to set an example; in the hopes to show the American public that all hope is not lost; that there are still honest people left willing to fight for what is right regardless of the consequences; people willing to stand for the truth, even if they stand alone. Then came the first debate, and we all know what happened next.

Ron Paul should be ecstatic, as should we. He thought he was going to retire having not accomplished much. Instead, during these last five years, he started a movement. He handed the torch not just to his son, but to all the young people that can now really make a difference; that have the numbers to accomplish much more than one man in Congress could, in thirty years. Ron Paul has changed the world, it’s just not as obvious to most people yet.

By the way, in 2008 1.1 million people voted for Ron Paul. In 2012 there have already been 900,000 votes cast for Paul, with 27 states still remaining. There is no reason to feel down. We’re just getting started.

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  • Shawn M. Smith

    “We live in a country where a woman who asks that taxpayers pay her so she can have safe sex, is given a platform on which to speak, by Congress. Think about what that means. Did you think this was going to be quick and easy? Look at the world in which we live.”

    I agree with the general message and majority of points in this article. I take issue with the above statement, however. The is nothing wrong with allowing this lady to testify. She has her right to her views as I do mine, whether I agree with her or not. Whether she is right or not. The fact that healthcare is being mandated by the government in the first place is a much bigger issue than the contraception issue.

    But either way, allowing her a platform on which to speak is a non-issue. Anyone has the right to have their views heard.

    • Oh, of course she should be allowed to speak. The point I was making is that the people in congress actually felt it was a good idea to have her testify about something that should be a non-issue (taxpayers paying for that sort of thing).

  • Liz Chimenti

    Thank you Mr. Castle…It does me good to read your positive, hope filled words.

  • Roberta J Fye

    Mr. Castle, I just wanted to say that I am a supporter of Dr. Paul, and have been for quite some time. I truly am praying for him to win the Nomination! I know that the Media is pretty much ignoring him, and that is a great shame! So many of our current political officials have been corrupted by the money and power that comes with their office. It is also a great shame that they tell us anything we want to hear, and then AFTER they acquire said office, it is a completely different story! It is my belief that our current President has a lot to answer for!! However, I also know of a certainty that he is just a puppet on the strings of the Federal Reserve. More and more Americans are starting to realize what is going on in our country, and it is happening none too soon for me!!! Thank you for this article and for giving me hope sir!

    • It is pretty frustrating that the people appear to be saying that there is no place for honest politicians. They say they want one, but when one shows up, they turn their backs on him.

      But there is hope. We don’t need a majority, just a tireless minority, and we sure are tireless.

  • Celleek

    I love Ron Paul — but you’d have to be INSANE to think all those dollars donated to him were to simply be heard. I donated money (a lot of it too!) to have him be PRESIDENT — not to have him continue on in a race whereby he has NO CHANCE OF WINNING. I will still vote for him, but I will no longer donate my money to his campaign.

    He’s a great man — but it’s over now. I feel many of his supporters feel the same way — but I could be wrong. I donated money (which is hard to come by) FOR HIS ELECTION to make a change AS PRESIDENT, not as a man who speaks volumes to people who won’t listen. The media continues to poke fun at him, and it will only get worse the longer he stays in the race.

    Bottom line is, we can ignore the media for what they say, but the majority of voters (sheeple, or what have you) listen to the media. This is why his numbers are low — not because the media is ignoring him, not because they won’t tell the truth… but because MOST people who vote feel he’s not electable. It’s all on RP shoulders now, always has been. He speaks, he is heard — but the majority of people do not care.

    He speaks brilliantly to his supporters, but in debates, he needed coaching — which he did not get. On stage, he babbles a lot — which is a trait of electability for many folks.

    Again, I will still vote for him — but there is no way I will donate anymore money to his campaign. No more money bombs for me. If what you say is true and he has set the stage for Rand Paul, then drop out now, save face and let his son finish what he started. But the longer he remains in this race, the less popular he will become. That’s my opinion.

    • Celleek, I understand your frustration. I believe Ron Paul definitely ran to win, not just to educate, but he understood that he had to do both if he was going to make a difference in the long term.

      You are right about the people listening to the media. Of course, the people are to blame for allowing the media to manipulate them.

      And yes, Ron Paul is not the best at delivering the message, but no coaching was going to change him. It’s just not that easy to stand there in front of millions of people, and having to explain complex philosophical issues in 30 seconds. I don’t know how Rand Paul does it.

      But look at what he’s been able to accomplish, even with his shortcomings. It’s on us now. Ron Paul has done enough. It’s our turn, and we cannot let him down.

      • Celleek

        I agree. But let’s not forget, he was never bigger than THE MESSAGE itself… therefore, since he can NOT win the election, he really needs to step aside. I will focus my energy on the message, not the man.

        This is what I mean… he needs to step aside and let the message continue. His job is done — he took it as far as he could, but now it’s time to let someone else deliver it. If he keeps preaching it at this stage, then the message might very well be lost for good because many people will no longer pay attention, or worse yet, think he’s insane.

        I say bow out, save face, give an incredible speech to his supporters to continue the message of freedom and then exit off into the sunset. Many people will know what to do after he leaves… and I’m sure his son will surely know what to do.

        • notthejones

          He is electable. Don’t give up now. Maybe he will run a third party ticket. What about delegates. You think that is the msm was pushing Dr. Paul the way they push the others in people’s faces that Dr. Paul wouldn’t be wiping the floor with the rest of them?
          I cannot make you see it any other way, but for me, I am in it with him for the duration. I will continue to support him, continue to send in money and continue to knock on doors and make sure people know the truth about him and not what the tv tells them. I would say about 75% or more, of the people I speak to, have no idea who Ron Paul even is until I tell them about him. What does that say? This is why this is so important. This is why we cannot just stop backing him up in every way we’re able. He needs us out here making the difference. He cannot go around and speak to every single American personally and he sure cannot get the air time and even when he does, right after he is finished you have all the media whores rewording everything he said and placing meaning to what he says that isn’t even accurate or honest or even close to what Dr. Paul had said. We are truly fighting against the system and it is a HUGE system. It is frustrating and disheartening to see so many people still sleeping. Set the alarm… light the fire but whatever you do, don’t stop now. We are too close.
          Side-note, regardless of whether or not RP wins, the man has won already because just look at how many people are awake and waking up, groggy as they may be, our country is starting to rise and when we have risen, we will be a force to be reckoned with.

          • Well said. And I don’t think this is over yet, either. It is all about delegates and nobody knows yet how many delegates will be Ron Paul supporters, at the convention.

  • Celleek

    Delegates? You see, this is the BIGGEST problem with RP supporters. Many are like religious fanatics… thinking he is somehow going to pull magical delegates out his arse. The sooner these “types” of supporters wake up, the better off we’ll all be with continuing the fight. Some of these RP supporters are so much in denial, that they have become the cancer of the message. Running around like chickens with their heads cut off, preaching to all walks of life that he “he is winning! he has a chance! don’t listen to the Media!” They do not fully understanding the message — but thinking RP is the message. He’s NOT. He is a messenger… that’s all.

    Save your money and put it on RAND — the future bearer of the message. In 2008, I cannot tell you how pissed off I was that he bailed in the race. But several years later, I now understand WHY he did what he did. It was the smart move — and he started the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT. The time has now come for him to step aside, bow out and AGAIN reform a new team. His support has grown… and will continue to grow larger as he passes the torch to Rand. I will support Rand now.

    My whole point is this — support the message and freedom of liberty. RP is DONE — his time is over as far as him being president. That IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Don’t act like a religious fanatic and think he’s going to win — because you are setting yourself up for disaster! You can still support him by letting others know more about the message — but by saying things like “He is going to win! We are winning! We have the delegates folks!” is ruining any truthful reputation RP might have.

    Also, you are so focused on RP that you FORGET he is running under the GOP rules. If RP doesn’t win a state — then HE WON’T BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK AT THE CONVENTION. THAT IS A FACT. While we can all bitch and moan at how unfair that is, they won’t let him speak unless he wins a state.

    And you can COMPLETELY forget about him running 3rd party. While there are no absolutes, I can tell you this much — he has definitively made it clear that he will NOT run as an independent. He won’t do it. If you know anything about the man, it’s that he is CONSISTENT. He does what he says he will do. And he has said on several occasions, he will not be running as a 3rd party candidate. Yes, he also said he does not believe in absolutes either, but the truth is, he ain’t running 3rd party. And for you to say “He might” is like behaving similar to the media… they *think* he might actually do it too… and we all know the media sucks arse. 🙂

    • I don’t really disagree with you. Obviously the chances are very slim that he can win. But there really is a small chance that we could have a brokered convention. I’m not saying it is likely.

      And I also don’t disagree with you about us being realistic. Just like in 2008 many of us thought the polls were wrong. Obviously, we have more experience with these things now to ever doubt the polls.

      Should he drop out now or go to the convention? I don’t know. I kind of want him to go to the very end because this race has been so strange that anything can happen.

      Running as an independent or as a third party candidate would be a huge mistake. It would hurt his son’s chances to get nominated within the GOP.

      And yes, Rand Paul is our real chance in 2016. The man has the right mix of liberty and politics.

  • Chuck Reichmuth

    Ron Paul has not gotten a fair shake from the MSM or the GOP since day one. I agree that he should drop out…OF THE GOP PRIMARY. he should announce a blockbuster running mate and go third party, now! It’s obvious that much of the electorate has become disenchanted with the two part system. The time ti strike is now!

    • While I would be happy to support him as a third party candidate, I’m afraid that would hurt his son’s chances to run. I say if Ron Paul doesn’t win, let’s focus on getting Rand to run in 2016.