The Simple Phrase that Could Win this Shutdown Fight for Republicans

Government Shutdown

Image by NCPA Photos on Flickr

The Democrats have been successful at painting Republicans as being stubborn. “They have tried and tried to repeal Obamacare and they haven’t been able to. Why are they holding the government hostage to get their way?” That’s the message that they’ve been using to convince Americans who are not really aware of all the facts, that Republicans are responsible for the government shutdown. And it’s been working.

Neither side wants to give in. The Democrats are pretty confident that the longer this goes on, the more it hurts the Republican party, so they’re not in any hurry to end the standoff.

The One Thing We Can All Agree On

Rand Paul stated in a recent interview, that all the Republicans want at this point is for the individual mandate to be delayed for a year (along with a few other minor things). You see, Obama has illegally delayed the employer mandate for over 1,000 corporations, but the Democrats refuse to do the same for individuals. Even liberal Jon Stewart agrees this is wrong.

How to Make Them Blink

Imagine Boehner saying the following in a televised conference:

“We are asking president Obama to stop playing favorites. He has delayed the employer mandate for over 1,000 corporations. What about the rest of Americans? First, it is illegal for the president to decide who gets to follow the law, and second, if the law is bad enough that even Obama felt he had to compromise when dealing with those 1,000 corporations, why does Harry Reid refuse to compromise with the American people? Where is their delay?”

“No special treatment for corporations”

If they were to focus on this message, Obama and the Democrats would really look bad to the average American. They would have to blink and negotiate, and they would have to delay the individual mandate. Republicans would come out the victors, and Americans would be left with this in their mind: that Republicans in this case were the ones fighting for the little guy.

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