Mitt Romney

The One and Only Thing this Election Can be About

Romney vs Obama 2012

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Some are calling this election the most important in our lifetime. I agree to an extent, although I strongly disagree with those who think that we have, in one of these two candidates, the solution to our economic problems. Voters get so easily distracted that they forget what the problems are, that we are trying to solve.

The truth is that most republicans are not willing to do what it takes to fix what is broken. This is why Mitt Romney is the nominee. There’s been so much talk about whether we should lower or raise taxes, that we forget that we have a one trillion-dollar deficit, and are sixteen trillion dollars in debt. These numbers get thrown around a lot, but most Americans cannot even imagine how much money this is.

Republicans and democrats alike operate under the assumption that we can actually balance our budget without having to make significant cuts. The only thing Mitt Romney felt he could be specific about was PBS, which makes up about 0.014% of the budget, and he even got attacked for it by Obama and liberals who don’t understand that you don’t need the government to keep Big Bird on the air, and that this shouldn’t be the role of the federal government. Continue reading

Democrats Show Just How Serious They are About Solving our Debt Problem

Million Muppet March 2012

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A group is planning a march in DC to protest against the idea that maybe the government shouldn’t be subsidizing PBS. The Million Muppet March is the result of Big Bird being the only cut that Romney was actually specific about when he spoke of getting rid of waste and things that we have to “borrow money from China” to pay for.

Liberals everywhere are losing it. They say the money the government gives to CPB (which funds PBS) is miniscule compared to the $3.8 trillion the government spends. Is this really an argument for the continuation of the subsidy? Because I see it as being indicative of how little liberals actually understand about what our problems are. If they are unwilling to cut a miniscule $445 million, how in the world can we expect them to get serious about solving our debt problem? Continue reading

Stop Blaming Politicians

I can’t think of a better example than this primary season, of how easily the people can be manipulated into doing something, while still making them believe they are in control of their decisions. A man who republicans don’t trust, who represents exactly what is wrong with politics, who will say anything to get elected, is about to become the republican nominee, at a time when the people are supposed to be sick and tired of politicians. Continue reading

How the Original Tea Party is Co-Opting the Establishment

Rand Paul Tea Party

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“As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them,” said former senator and current lobbyist, Trent Lott in 2010, referring to the new Tea Party republicans that were about to enter Congress. As Wikipedia says, “a co-option is an act of absorbing or assimilating. It is normally used in the context of a group of persons assimilating a weaker or smaller group, with the intention of neutralizing a threat from the weaker group.” Continue reading

What Happened in the Virgin Islands? Did Ron Paul Win or Did Romney?

Ron Paul won the popular vote in the Virgin Islands, but the media is reporting that Romney won. How can this be? In most caucus states, there are two parts to the process. First, the people vote for the candidate of their choice. Then, those who stay for the second part, get to vote for the people that they want to send as delegates, to the convention. Continue reading

The Most Dangerous Answer of the Debate Goes to….Romney

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was signed into law by Obama this year. It allows the military to indefinitely detain American citizens without a trial if they are suspected of being involved in terrorism. When Romney was asked if he would have signed this bill into law, Romney said yes and explained that although he understands that this power could be abused, he said he doesn’t think Obama would abuse this power, and he wouldn’t abuse this power as president.

This should really be the story of the debate, but you won’t get to hear much about this, of course. The whole point of having a Constitution is that you don’t give the president and the federal government power just because you trust them. That stupid answer by Romney should disqualify this man in the mind of the voters, if they were really paying attention. It shows how little Romney understands or cares about following the Constitution.

Why not throw out the law and give a president that we trust, the power to literally do anything? Would that be OK with Romney? Let’s establish an official dictatorship and just make sure that it is someone that we trust that is running things. How about that?

Ron Paul’s Strategy

For those that haven’t realized it yet, Ron Paul’s campaign strategy is to be the last anti-Romney candidate standing. The media propped up Santorum in Iowa to prevent a second or first place finish for Paul, and it looks like in New Hampshire it is a possibility that Huntsman could take second, and Paul third.

A third place finish for Paul might be depressing for many of his supporters, but they wouldn’t be looking at the big picture. Something like 70% of Republicans do not want Mitt Romney to be the nominee. They’ve been looking for someone else for a long time. They went to Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich and now Santorum.

Cain is out, due to the sexual harassment stories that came to light. Bachmann is now out despite her claims that she was witnessing thousands of supporters leaving Paul to come support her campaign in Iowa. Gingrich has been going down after a very disappointing finish in the Iowa caucuses, partly as a result of Paul’s devastating attacks on him. Ron Paul’s campaign has already started to do the same to Santorum in South Carolina, and he is not expected to do well in the New Hampshire primary tomorrow. Continue reading

Does Anyone Care About the Budget?

This was a great moment in the debate last night, when Ron Paul reminded everyone that there is no money for any of this foreign aid that the rest of the candidates refuse to cut. Are these people serious? We’re on the brink of collapse and they even refuse to cut foreign aid. If a candidate refuses to even cut foreign aid, what exactly can we count on him to cut?

After this, Romney went on to list the specific cuts he was talking about, but he missed the point completely. Those are not real cuts! They are cuts to the proposed increases. It’s like gaining only 5 pounds this year, instead of the 10 you gained last year, and claiming you have lost 5 pounds.

We are so fortunate to have Ron Paul in these debates. Without him, no one would know that these “cuts” these people are talking about, are not real cuts, since the media will not be the ones to explain this to the American people.