The Media Picking the Candidates Again

Ron Paul was essentially tied for first place at the Ames Straw Poll on Saturday, but you wouldn’t know it by the way the media is covering the results.

  1. Bachmann 28.5%
  2. Ron Paul 27.6%
  3. Pawlenty 13.6%
  4. Santorum 9.8%
  5. Cain 8.6%

Michele Bachmann gets invited to five shows the following day, while Paul gets invited to none. The media is now telling the world that this is a 3-candidate race between Romney, Bachmann and Perry. “Pawlenty exits GOP race; leaves Romney, Perry, Bachmann to duke it out” one headline read. “Bachmann wins Ames, Pawlenty distant third” said another.

What a great example of how the media manipulates the minds of the voters, by telling them who they should be paying attention to. Ron Paul got more votes than Romney received in 2007 when he won the last straw poll, and we are to believe his showing this past Saturday is insignificant.

The excuse they provide is that his supporters are very enthusiastic, so they always show up to these types of polls, giving him an advantage. In other words, his supporters are breaking the rules of politics. You see, voters are not supposed to care that much about the issues. They are supposed to vote based on soundbites.

The media claims his support at these types of polls will not translate to anything significant come election time. But what about the latest Gallup poll that had Ron Paul in third place nationally? Does this also mean nothing? Are the American people going to let the media pick their president, again?

Despite the treatment he has been getting, Paul’s numbers keep going up. Whether he’ll win or not we will see, but one thing is for sure. I can’t think of a more perfect time for the people to finally wake up. It is obvious that as long as the voters are able to continue living their lives the same, they just will not pay enough attention. But with the way the economy is going, more and more will start to be personally affected by the policies of both parties, and this just might the time when the people finally rise up and notice what has been right in front of their faces, but they refused to acknowledge.


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