The Ron Paul Surge

There is an elephant in the room, and he’s the front-runner for the Republican nomination.

Ron Paul ran for president in 2008, most would say unsuccessfully. The truth, however, is that he was the biggest winner of that election. The revolution he sparked was un-televised. Most didn’t know about it. Those who did, didn’t understand it, so he was labeled a “kook” and a “fringe” candidate, with a cult-following of weird kids who lived in their mother’s basement. He was just too different; talking about things most people had never heard about in any election. “The federal reserve prints what?” “The government shouldn’t be involved in what?” “This guy is nuts.”

But now, the story is different. Many recognize that Paul was ahead of his time. He warned of the devaluation of the dollar, and of the debt and deficit at a time when no one was paying attention. Now, other candidates are asked about their opinion on the economy. Who cares what they think? They didn’t see the economic crisis coming. How can they see the way out of it?

In 2008, Ron Paul was the quirky, crazy guy that dared to disagree with both parties, with a small following that knew how to spam internet and phone polls to make him look like a front-runner. Now that it is becoming clear that Ron Paul was right all along, the media has changed their tune. No longer do they call him fringe, but their goal is still the same: to make sure people have a reason not to vote for him. Before, it was because he was kooky. Now, it’s because “he can’t win.” Many now admit he’s right, and the one with the knowledge to get us out of this crisis, but they don’t want to waste their vote on someone who is unelectable.

Well, the latest Iowa Rasmussen poll spells trouble for the media, the government, the other candidates, and anyone still trying to hang on to the status quo. Ron Paul is within striking distance of first place, at 16%. Michelle Bachmann is in first place with 22%, and Mitt Romney is in second with 21%.  This is big, and it is not getting the attention it deserves. The Iowa Straw Poll is this Saturday, August 13th. It is the most important poll before the caucus in January. Mitt Romney won it last time. Ron Paul is expected to win it, or come in second or third.

The minute it is realized that Ron Paul can, in fact, win, will be the minute his poll numbers go up dramatically, and the attacks from the other candidates will begin. But there will be no way to stop him. Once his numbers go up, they stay up. Only 49% of Ron Paul’s Iowa supporters would vote for someone else in the general election, if Ron Paul does not get the nomination. And out of those who are absolutely sure they will not change their minds, he is first with 27%.

No other candidate has such solid support. Michelle Bachmann’s numbers are up because most have not had the chance to find out much about her. Just like Herman Cain’s numbers, I expect hers to drop. She just happens to have peaked at the right time; right before the poll. Mitt Romney is easy to attack. The problem is that he looks presidential, and many because of this, are willing to give him a pass on almost anything. But I believe times are changing. Without Paul, Romney would be able to get the nomination based on his looks; but not this time. Once Romney is forced to address Ron Paul, the fun will begin.

The Ames Straw Poll just may be the event Ron Paul has been waiting for. It may be what causes the domino effect that will propel him into front-runner status. And once this happens, it is over for the other candidates. They will be forced to acknowledge him and his ideas, and against the ideas of Liberty they cannot compete; not at a time when the voters are beginning to understand the consequences of the ballots they have previously cast. Once Mitt Romney utters the words “Ron Paul,” we will know we have won.

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