Trump Is A Hillary Plant

Trump Clinton Plant

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. This election season has been very frustrating, and I’ve opted to keep my mind focused more on other things; happier things. I did want to spend some time today to write an “I told you so” post for the many republicans responsible for the destruction of the best opportunity the party has ever had to advance the principles of limited government and free markets.

It’s been frustrating to watch republicans nominate the worst possible candidate to go against Hillary Clinton. A candidate who almost no one likes, democrat or republican, is about to become the president of the United States. This is despite all of the “coincidences” that point to the very strong possibility that she’s been involved in unethical, and possibly criminal, behavior.

The time was perfect to destroy the democrats with a candidate that could unite people from both parties. A candidate who could articulate why it is that free markets, not socialism or fascism, is the absolute best way to help those in need. We needed a candidate serious about balancing the budget; a candidate that in the general election could focus on the national debt and the disaster that is Obamacare; a candidate that could focus on a truly fair tax code that lowers taxes on everyone, while actually reducing the size of this out-of-control government. We needed a likable candidate that could look at the average voter in the face and ask “how can Hillary possibly care about the poor, while at the same time being against school choice?”

What we did get was a candidate who decided to focus on immigration, and who has made it extremely easy for Hillary and her friends in the media, to paint him and the party as being anti-immigrant, anti-women, and anti-middle-class. Is it a coincidence?

Take a look at Trump’s tax plan. It lowers taxes on corporations, which is great, but for individuals, all it does is reduce the number of tax brackets. It provides nothing for the average voter to get excited about, and it gives Hillary a perfect opportunity to talk to voters about how Trump’s plan helps only the rich. “Typical Republican, right?” How convenient for Hillary.

Take a look at Trump’s first general election ad. Why would a candidate running in the general election and who hopes to attract independents, choose to continue focusing on immigration? How convenient for Hillary.

With everything that has come out about the Clintons (watch Clinton Cash), she was the easiest candidate to beat. The problem is republicans have a candidate that makes statements that tend to take the attention away from Hillary’s scandals. How convenient for Hillary.

We already know the democrat primary was in a way, rigged, so that Hillary would win. We know the party leaders were colluding with the media to make sure she was the nominee. My question to those who still refuse to believe that Trump is a Hillary plan is this: if Hillary had a plan in place to make sure she was the nominee, do you not think it plausible that she also had a plan to rig the republican primary, knowing full well she wasn’t likable enough to beat a good republican candidate? Do you not think it plausible that she would attempt to control the conversation in the general election to make sure only the topics that favor her are talked about?

Was the fact that Trump spoke with Bill Clinton right before he announced he would seek the republican nomination not a red flag? Was the fact that Trump, just a few years ago, praised both Obama and Clinton, and even went as far as to say that democrats are better for the economy not a red flag? Was the fact that Trump had donated money mostly to democrats, including Hillary herself, not a red flag? Was the fact that Trump invited Hillary to his wedding not a red flag?

None of this is a coincidence. Knowing what we know about the Clintons, there was no way Hillary was going to leave the general election to chance. She knew her favorability numbers were not good. She knew the only way to win was to control the other side; to have an opponent that wouldn’t talk about the budget deficit or the national debt, and that instead she could easily paint as being racist.

Trump and Hillary have fooled the world. I don’t believe Trump ever wanted to be president. Why would he? I believe the original plan was to have Trump insert the immigration topic into the republican primary conversation, to make the party look bad to the independents needed to win the general election. And I think the second part of the plan was for Trump to run as an independent to help Hillary win. They must have been surprised at how stupid the primary voters were. The plan worked even better than they thought. They even got the radio hosts, Matt Drudge, and those at Breitbart to help dig the grave for their own party. Genius.

I think Trump will lose, and I think he will lose big. He will claim the election was stolen and that will be the end of it. He will get rewarded by Clinton in ways we will never find out about.

Of course, I also thought Trump had no chance to win the republican primary, so there is a chance that I could be wrong and that Trump could win. That would be the ultimate backfire. Although for Trump that wouldn’t be a big deal, since as his own son said, Trump would just outsource the presidency to the VP.

UPDATE: Hate Trump, Vote Trump

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  • M Klein

    Yea,how’d that “Plant” work out? Look Trump won because he understands the American worker. Hillary had minus the baggage a bellboy would need help with,0 connection with the people. She basically was a extension of Obama (with a lot of failed policies) that people were sick of. She was more informed then Trump on Government sure and how it’s ran,but 0 connect with the very people who expect the Government to work for them. Obama has spent more money then all the other 43 Presidents combined,43 million Americans are on some form of Govt. Assistance,Home ownership is lowest it’s been since the late 50’s,1 out of 5 American families have nobody in that family in the workforce,1 out of 6 (18 -35 year olds) are either incarcerated or living in moms basement,12 million more Americans have applied for EBT Cards since 2012,Our GDP is lowest it’s been since the late 70s (1.5%) 2015,Murder rate in Chicago (Obamas hometown) since 2012 have had 3300+ shootings. I could go on and on,the policies that have been implemented since 2008 have put a stranglehold on business and the people,whom on Nov 8th made sure that wouldn’t continue. Look Trump was flawed too no doubt,there are things about him I don’t like. I am guessing it was lesser of 2 evils,but Clinton was a very weak representation of the Democratic Party. For the campaign to not realize people are sick of the BS that’s been going on,just shows how out of touch they’ve become. I voted for Trump,but I honestly thought he was gonna lose. I am part of the society that was sick of the crap being forced down our throats. I think Trump will make a great President,he is picking a cabinet which is being torn apart with critical bias reporting. I have lost all faith in the media,since reading some of those wiki leaks emails. I think the cabinet he’s picking is one who’s very business savey,has made very good decisions considering most are from successful companies and will need little to 0 guidance from the White House so Trump can focus on the people. He is going to be the most Domestic President this country has ever seen,and I feel his approval rating will be at an all time high all the way through to 2020…So high if he does half of what he promised,he’ll be the oldest President to ever be Re-elected.

    • Yup, I was wrong about him being a plant. And while I voted for him because I believed him to be a thousand times better than the alternative, I’m not very optimistic about him keeping his promises. Not when I hear him talk about keeping the worst parts of Obamacare and increasing spending without cutting. It is good though, to at least have a president that isn’t anti-business.