Trump May Sink Rubio With This Attack


Trump may have just single-handedly ended Rubio’s campaign. The ball is on Rubio’s side of the court now. It’s all riding on how well Rubio and his team respond, and how long it takes them to respond.

Time–and it is of the essence–will tell how much of an impact this will have on Rubio’s poll numbers. Rubio’s campaign appears to be ignoring this so far, or they may just be scrambling, trying to find a way to somehow turn this around on Trump, although that may prove to be an impossible task.

In a week, when new poll numbers come out we will know for sure who will benefit from Rubio’s demise as a result of this potentially fatal shot.

Here is Trump on Rubio:

“Young guy, although he sweats more than any other young person I’ve ever seen in my life…I’ve never seen a guy down water like he downs water. They bring it in in buckets for this guy.”

 Trump went on to say

We cannot have a president that sweats this much. It’s embarrassing. Can you imagine this guy shaking Putin’s hand with his sweaty palms? Besides, how is he supposed to bluff when negotiating with Putin when he’s got all that sweat coming down his face? I will not be sweating while negotiating. That I can tell you.

We will find out soon enough just how much voters care about Rubio’s hyper-active sweat glands and whether or not they feel this may hinder his ability to negotiate.

** One of the above Trump quotes is real.

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