While Others Politick, Ron Paul Educates

Ron Paul 2012

Image by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

If you are wondering why it is that Ron Paul is able to energize so many people, and why most of them refuse to go back to voting for the same old politicians, all you have to do is note the difference between Rick Santorum’s speech last night, and Ron Paul’s.

Santorum’s was filled with empty rhetoric about conservatism, and Obama attacks, targeted to those voters that still, after everything we have seen, think that this is about Left versus Right. Conservatism? Is it conservative to vote time and time again to raise the debt ceiling? Don’t ask those who gave him the victory in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.

Ron Paul’s speech was different. He was educating. He spoke about the Soviet Union collapsing due to them spreading themselves too thin, which just happens to be what we are doing as well. He reminded us that the Constitution says only gold and silver should be legal tender. He talked about the difference between real cuts–like the $1 trillion he would cut–and the cuts that these other guys talk about, which are nothing but reductions in the spending increase.

He’s the only one talking about the Patriot Act and the NDAA, which allows the military to indefinitely detain American citizens without a trial. He spoke about the Federal Reserve and the dangers of the printing press.

So, why do I support Ron Paul? Because I couldn’t care less about politics. I care about the issues. I care about the truth. I understand that our problems weren’t just created by the left; that both parties are basically the same, except for minor issues that have nothing to do with fixing our underlying problem.

Remember the 2008 race? Both McCain and Obama supported and voted for TARP. What a shame that in that presidential race there was no real discussion about whether or not it was right for the government to be bailing out companies and about the moral hazard that it causes. This is what many of us are sick and tired of. Without Ron Paul, there are no real discussions about our problems.

If Ron Paul does not win this time, I look forward to Rand Paul’s race in 2016, because I do not believe anyone other than Ron Paul can prevent an Obama second term.

Below is Ron Paul’s speech from last night.


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