The Reasons Why Most of Hollywood is Liberal

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Film executive and producer Harvy Weinstein, has plans to make an anti-gun movie and take aim at the NRA. This is the same Harvy Weinstein that has produced a number of violent movies featuring the very guns that he believes “we don’t need in this country.”

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The vast majority of Hollywood is liberal. Rather than focus on what they do best, making movies, many in Hollywood use their unique position to promote the democrats’ political agenda.

Matt Damon is known for being a huge supporter of the public school system, yet sends his kids to private school. “Ultimately we don’t have a choice,” he said. I think Mr. Damon lacks understanding of the word choice. He has the ultimate choice. He can send his kids wherever he wants, private or public. On the other hand, parents who are not fortunate enough to have Matt Damon’s income, really don’t have a choice because Damon and the unions he supports, oppose vouchers, which would actually allow those parents to pick where their kids go to school.

It’s ironic isn’t it, that the party that loves to portray the rich as evil, is supported by the majority of Hollywood millionaires? Walmart, that provides jobs for over two million people, and provides affordable products to millions more, is evil, but an actor who entertains and gets paid millions of dollars to act, is somehow someone that we should look up to.

I’ve analyzed what it is that makes Hollywood liberal and it really isn’t hard to figure out. Not to offend those who enjoy acting, but the truth is that the entertainment industry is one that attracts way more right-brain individuals than it does left-brain. The right part of the brain is the one responsible for our feelings, emotions and fantasy, whereas the left part of the brain deals more with logic and reality.

Some people are right-brain dominant and others are left-brain dominant, and there isn’t anything wrong with either. We need both kinds of people in society. Scientists and engineers, for example, tend to be left-brain dominant as they deal with computations, problem solving, and logic. Actors, as much as they love to publicly express their opinions, are not really the best people to comment on matters of economics, for example. Right-brain dominant people are more likely to let their emotions get in the way when making decisions.

This is one of the reasons why most in Hollywood, and many who vote democrat, take the positions that may appear to be the most compassionate. The problem is that many of these “compassionate” positions actually are not compassionate at all and end up hurting the very people they are intended to help.

I don’t consider those in Hollywood to be bad people, even if I strongly disagree with them. I actually think that many of them mean well and are very charitable people. And because they aren’t bad people, I think many of them do have a sense of guilt. They realize just how lucky they are, and deep inside, feel that perhaps it isn’t fair that while so many go hungry, they get paid millions to make a movie.

I believe they deal with this guilt by supporting the positions that make them look less like what they are; lucky millionaires who live in a different world, and that really have no way of truly understanding the problems the rest of the working public has to deal with. A conservative or libertarian millionaire actor would have a much harder time explaining that he is against big government not because he doesn’t care about those less fortunate than himself, but because he believes big government actually hurts the poor. Just look at how economic issues like the Minimum Wage are demagogued in order to portray anyone who is opposed, as heartless.

The easiest thing for an actor to be is a liberal. That is why it is so great to see actors like Vince Vaughn come out and show that there are some independent minds in Hollywood who are not afraid to be different than the rest, and who truly understand that political issues are not as black and white as the media makes them out to be.

It is unfortunate that having such a huge audience, so many in Hollywood choose to get involved in political issues; issues that require much more thought and analysis than they are willing to contribute.

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  • Robert

    Right-Left Brain dominance: Time to let that one go. Current research says “No.”

    • Thanks for the link. I’m interested to see if there are other recent studies that say the opposite. But even so, the question of whether a certain part of the brain is utilized more than the other isn’t really relevant to the point I’m making. The important point is that there are individuals who tend to be more analytical than others who happen to be terrible at anything arts related, and there are those who are great at things like music, and anything creative, who are terrible at matters related to logic. The latter tend to be more likely to make decisions based on emotion.

      • Jay

        Thank you for an outstanding blog post. It is also a very strong herd mentality that overtakes most of Hollywood.

    • sunnugget

      And then they will change it back in a few years. Today coffee is bad, tomorrow its good. Nothing is ever cut and dry. There are shades of grey in everything.

  • Albert

    There is, I think,in addition another reason for Hollywoods’
    liberal slant. It is strictly economic. If society provides
    unproductive people with basics like food , and shelter,
    it goes without saying that they will likely have money
    left over to spend on entertainment in general. Without
    these government subsidies to the public, many of todays movies would not have a paying audience, and would never get made. same goes for the music business.

    • Michael Russian

      Albert gets it right. A fragment of IT. The WHOLE picture can only be grasped by a Pro Truth Hunter, or Spiritual Guide, if you will, like Socrates, for an example, of which this country has none. The Overfed, Overentertained and the Purposeless do not make good Pro Truth Hunters, as The Truth is uncomfortable (god forbid). And the Uncomfortable Truth in this case is, that most in Hollywood are INFERIOR. Like most of the unproductive class. They know, deep down inside, that they are unproductive, and therefore inferior. I work with some of those…in Hollywood…they are excellent Fantasy Landers…they create fantasy land and themselves LIVE IN IT. It’s more comfortable…god forbid…that the uncomfortable truth. Again, it’s just a small fragment of the big picture, which, just like the inferior in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Professional and Financial Services Cartel, etc….is not pretty…

      • Truckercapjim

        Daduq you know about “truth”? You act like there even is such a thing… And like you know what it is. Yah right.

    • Truckercapjim

      You really think hollywood needs subsidies to make profitable movies? What if, instead of subsidies, they had jobs? What if, instead of having kids out of wedlock, they had a career?

  • Saberage

    Care to explain why the majority of scientists are not only liberal, but atheists as well since they have Left Brain dominance? Also, why across the board are college educated people more liberal? Do they all have Right Brains as well? Why are ignorant uneducated people more conservative and religious I wonder?

    • Having a college degree doesn’t mean you are educated. Colleges are filled with liberal professors who get to feed the young and naiive, their liberal views. Different people are conservative, or liberal for that matter, for different reasons. Religion isn’t my reason. I’m trying to analyze why a specific group of people is liberal, not stating that everyone that is a liberal must have the same reasons as the specific group that I am analyzing.

      • Ashley Johnson

        Or because college teaches you to think critically and solve abstract problems. Both which are the antithesis of tradition, rigid conservatives… College isn’t some liberal conspiracy cult. Most scientists are liberal because the profession requires the discovery of new ideas and critical abstract thought. Something which would be hard to do while believing we should preserve the norm and never question things.

        • Vince

          Studies show that libertarians are the smartest. Scientists tend to be Democrat because religious conservatives don’t believe in science. If those people didn’t dominate the GOP as much, I’m sure more scientists would be open to voting Republican. Also, scientists want their government handouts for research, even though free markets work better. Democrats are all about free handouts, so that attracts many scientists.

          • Ashley Johnson

            It’s not just religious conservatives who oppose science. i.e. global warming, evolution. Moreover, the very nature of a scientist’s job is being open to new ideas, experimentation and change. It is the antithesis of conservatism and societal preservation… I’m sure they would manage the funding with or without government. It has little bearing on their political views. I would be a frustrated scientist trying to develop the theory that the earth was round when everyone refuses to accept that it’s not flat. SO the education and open mindedness of the general population is also in their best interest.

          • David Shimshon Heller

            Better to not use the term “religious conservatives” a better term would be “The Christian Right” “religious” is too broad a term it could include atheists or agnostics also in this context and both are not as likely to be Conservative. Christian in this use include Jews and Muslims also.Though I doubt there are many Jewish or Muslim people that lean very far right.

          • Ashley Johnson

            atheism isn’t a religion. And the far right are christians in name only. The far right mock everything christ stood for. Like care for the poor, the rich will not inherit the kingdom of god, love your enemy and your neighbor, etc So my terms are appropriately applied.

          • David Shimshon Heller

            Can’t argue with that. You wrote it! Just wasn’t sure what you meant now I know.

          • SUk Dm

            Hi there, Classical-Liberal here and I would like to state that the freaks you are discussing are not Classical-Liberals.
            (For real, they are fukin insane American Liberals or Alt-Left Liberals. Also, they try to feed you the bs within sociology classes where they feed you their bias.)
            Most scientists are Classical-Liberals and not Alt-Left Liberals. Have a nice day.

          • Tubal-cain

            The scriptures also teach against sloth and being a sluggard. And I’ve met more liberal atheists who mock me, and other Christians, as well as wanting to stick Christians in the gas chambers, than any right winged types. I see a lot of Alt-right atheists, and Antifas are satanic and beyond God’s grace.

          • Vince

            True conservatism is simply about supporting free markets and limited government, not being against new ideas.

        • Vince

          Professors in the liberal arts are not as smart as scientists. They are right brain, which explains their liberalism. And yes, many college students are brainwashed by professors. Libertarians and conservatives have done interview segments with college students, even in Ivy League colleges, who say the most ridiculous “group think” liberal nonsense. College students tend to support far left political ideologies like socialists and even overt communists. That’s not a coincidence. They are clearly being influenced to think that way.

          • Ashley Johnson

            Odd my professors never mentioned politics in my 6 years of college…

    • Mary

      Oh..please I have seen a shitload of ignorant liberals as well as uneducated.

    • osaro goya

      Many scientist are atheist, and some are liberal. College educated people are more liberal because, they allow their opinions to be formed by their professors who happen to be liberal. There are many educated conservatives and religious people and many uneducated, but the same goes for liberals.

      • seanspec

        You are arguing with a liberal. He/she will not listen to facts and reason so honestly what’s the point?

    • sunnugget

      Post a link to your proof that most scientists ate liberal. It’s probably more like 50/50

    • S Pradhan

      Most scientists are classical liberals, which is not left-wing. It is actually more right leaning.

      • David Shimshon Heller

        Yes the “Left” have taken over the proper use of the word liberal. Probably because of the left leaning Liberal Arts College Professors in academia.

        • S Pradhan

          True. The so called leftist liberals violate the first principal of liberalism. Freedom of speech.

    • Lin A

      You just proved the conservatives point. Well done. I always have believed in letting liberals talk. Sooner or later the authentic attitude and feelings surface.
      Tolerant and accepting? Not so much.
      Using fake news or tales when trying to insult those they don’t agree with politically, bang on.

    • Donald Sutherland

      Hi Saberage, Where are you getting these facts?

  • Bae

    I think Hollywood is so Liberal, because they work for demons – look, what they do now. No Respect for anyone. This is a Christian Nation. And they Act as if anything goes, & that all is well. The Liberals, like us Conservaties, will stand before God on judgement day and guess what? Oh boy watch out. They / We will Reap what We sow. They might be rich now, but Money & fame won’t save them then. I’m glad for that.

    • Truckercapjim

      Sounds like youre doing God’s job for him, and judging people.

    • Ashley Johnson

      You don’t think. You spew the drivel you’re told to. Try thinking for yourself once. It’s not so scary and can be rather empowering.

      • LISA

        Are you under the assumption that one who is Christian can’t think for themselves? You couldn’t be more wrong.

  • David

    This article focused mainly on the “mind set of the actor; right brain dominant; emotional, etc.” Yet, it starts off talking about Weinstein, who is not an actor, and who must be pretty left brained dominant to run such a successful production business.
    I have NO idea why Hollywood is liberal. As far as the actors are concerned, they’ll go the way their bosses go–the kiss-ass hypocrites that they are. I just can’t figure out what’s in it for the moguls? It must be something to do with $$ and greed, for that is all that industry cares about, but I cannot seem to make the connection. Do more liberals go to the movies because they are so sensitive and right brained dominant, thus padding Hollywood’s bottom line? WAIT A MINUTE…??

    • Oliver Hakim

      This article actually made a good point. But you have to remember that it’s not all “Oh they’re doing this only because they’re right-brain dominant/left-brain dominant”. People have a balance between their right and left brain. So don’t make the assumption that more liberals go to the movies because they’re right-brain dominant. Everyone has a balance. And you don’t know that more liberals go watch movies, everyone has their own enjoyment in entertainment.

      • Truckercapjim

        This isnt about people who go to movies. Its about people who are in movies.

  • Vladimir Moscher

    The reason Hollywood is so liberal is that artists are subjected to a large variety of types of people. Conservatives become bigots due to lack of tolerance. That tends to come from people who are not exposed to other cultures or refuse to accept them. Highly religious people tend to be the most intolerant and bigoted.

    • JJ

      Vlad – so many sweeping generalizations. Your comment basically boils down to: “all conservatives are bigoted, intolerant, and xenophobic…and religious people are even worse.” Wow. it’s a good thing we have tolerant people like you who would NEVER stereotype an entire group of people based on bigoted, unsubstantiated opinions, just because their political views are different than your own.

      • Edward

        Glad is a very stupid and head in his ass person.

    • Edward

      Jajaj let’s see, I am a conservative and I am currently living and working in Colombia. I speak fluent Spanish, decent french I have a Brazilian girlfriend and many Latin American friends. I guess that disproves your idiotic reasoning. Jaja

    • Truckercapjim

      Lol. Shows what you know..

    • Me Mizar

      Wow! You are a sad person. I work in healthcare providing primary care in a very rural area of mostly African Americans because I care deeply for people, especially those that do not have access to healthcare. My best friend is black and one of my brothers is married to a beautiful black woman. Yet, I am very conservative because I KNOW liberalism is a fantasy and only harms people in need. Conservatism builds people up and gives them hope. It is so sad, Vlad, that some people are too stupid to see the truth or to project in the future the consequences of any particular philosophy. Most liberal ideals have very negative future impacts.

  • Toe

    Well put JJ. I find it hilarious that the majority of the liberal view comments on the Internet are rude ,close minded, obnoxious, hateful and bigoted. Liberals think there better because there for everyone having free food , shelter, education and whatever job they want regardless of qualifications. The truth is EVERYONE, including the most conservative, are “for” all of that. The difference is a republican stops and thinks, ” can this be done…how can this be done…what are the possible negative ramifications…” . Everyone is born a liberal…then some of us grow up.

  • CCrider

    If you want to be truly disgusted with what hollywood is all about and how hypocritical and downright racist they can be read Samuel l Jacksons interview with the hollywood reporter! I am floored with how small and misinformed people are but yet continue to open their ignorant mouths because they are in movies!

    Samuel L. Jackson wished San Bernadino killers had been a ‘crazy white dude’

    • seanspec

      What is wrong with you? We all know it’s ok to be racist in America as long as you are not white. Come on. Those are the rules.

      • Brandle34

        White lives don’t matter

    • Arthur Mascarenhas

      it is funny though, these bastards are so stupid that they cant understand the meaning of the movies they are acting in. Samuel L. Jackson played the main villain in the most anti-globalist movie in recent times thinking that it was just a spy’s movie.

    • Craig

      Jackson does not realize though it is the nature of the Negroe to behave worse than animals. That is due to the acts of scumbags such as LBJ and Teddy Kennedy who other than the foreign enemy Kenyan “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” were detrimental in the dissemination of hatred between the races by being by taking part in the drafting, passing, and enactment of laws such as Affirmative Action and the 1965 Immigration act, convincing almost all blacks they are born into this world at a disadvantage so take by force if necessary what you can from Whitey.

  • srikanth kundeti

    I don’t think people should be categorized in terms of what type of brain they have. I’m sure that not ALL actors are right brained and all mathematicians are left brained. Hollywood needs to be liberal. If they weren’t liberal, there’s no point for any other organization to practice libertinism. Due to the cultural assimilation boom of America which took place two years ago, it’s obvious why Hollywood would become more liberal. A liberal movie or person would be supported either way by minorities or majorities. Conservative movies would simply be propaganda for 2 hours.

    Most importantly, the left barn and right brain argument is POINTLESS. It has nothing to do with acting or hollywood being liberal. Yet, I agree with the fact that movies and directors get a bit political at times.

    • LISA

      Yes, because the liberals and their movies don’t push their own kind of propaganda. Ohhh please!!

  • Michael

    Too bad the whole theory about left/right brain and it’s effect on our personality and problem solving has been completely disproved. Kind of completely throws your article down the bin since only God knows what else you didn’t research into. Please research before you generalize millions of people

    • SUk Dm

      You show your liberal bs where one mistake ruins the premise. It is blatantly obvious what happens to conservatives in Hollywood.

    • daflyboys

      COMPLETELY disproved? Really? This is something that can be COMPLETELY disproved? Of course the writer was not speaking in ultimate definitive statements. We are talking of human nature and personality. I’m sure he realizes the many nuances and variables involved.

      Your rebuttal is weak and flawed.

    • Donald Sutherland

      Its about differences in personality. However you want to define that it is well researched and understood that everyone thinks differently. Whether you look at Myers Briggs or any other system that attempts to account for the way that 4 people can look at the same facts and arrive at 4 different conclusions. The fact remains that some people allow their emotions to control their logic and some allow logic to control their emotions.

  • Mr. Sleeper

    I know this article isn’t trying to be offensive, but it’s deeply condescending and patronizing to suggest that who aren’t conservative or libertarian are centered by emotion and fantasy rather then logic and reality. Yes, it’s true that not as many conservatives gravitate towards the Hollywood industry like their liberal counterparts. However, I don’t believe it’s because conservatives are more “left-brain” (i.e. centered by logic and reality), I believe it’s because conservative simply aren’t interested in art & entertainment as many liberals. This is because fundamentally conservatives are about preserving tradition, but in order to strive in Hollywood you have to break tradition. The most popular and successful people in Hollywood are the ones who provoke, offend, innovate, and break new ground. It’s very hard to this when you are an ultra conservative who believe that tradition is superior to change.

    • Edward

      I know where your coming from. It’s okay to break new ground,innovate, offend however if it consumes the morals, values, safety if society then I can see where tradition can very much appreciated.

      • Ashley Johnson

        There are no values, morals, or safety in society. It’s dependent on the collective individual. Republicans love of authority is based on a false sense of security. There are numerous sociopaths in positions of power.

        • SUk Dm

          AH, what innovative new ground that has been broken recently? Modern art is shit and movies are continuously getting more and more repetitive.

  • Young Thugga

    “It’s ironic isn’t it, that the party that loves to portray the rich as evil, is supported by the majority of Hollywood millionaires? Walmart, that provides jobs for over two million people, and provides affordable products to millions more, is evil, but an actor who entertains and gets paid millions of dollars to act, is somehow someone that we should look up to.”

    No, Walmart is evil. You have never worked for walmart, I assume (unless you were a middle manager) so you may not understand. They really are evil though. Just because you provide jobs, does not mean you are not evil. You know who else provides jobs? ISIS. ISIS provides people with a lot of work. So does North Korea. Everyone is employed in NK. No one is without a job in NK. Does this make them any bit less evil? No. That doesn’t mean an actor who entertains and gets paid millions of dollars to act is someone who should be looked up to. Literally no one thinks that.

  • MPB

    haha the part about matt damon is so true, all these libs preach the virtues of a public education..99.9%, maybe even 100% send their kids…da da! to private schools hahaha…or george clooney admitted on tv it is ridiculous how rich one must be to run for president, on the night hes holding a $100,000 a plate dinner for hillary…do as i say, not as i do…the hollywood liberals fav line!

  • Raul Fender

    The Republicans try to stop a lot if Art and its trappings. Hollywood likes drugs, sex, and anti-censorship; while Republicans tend to be anti all three. I’ve typically voted Republican, but it isn’t like they care either. I’d love a party that is truly for the people. Republicans need to stop the Religiousness, care for all people not just white, and stop the world is falling part bs. Bush was worthless. The Democrats need to stop apologizing for America, stop taxing for stupid incentives not to work, start listening to the other side. The Democrats exploit blacks and Mexicans as if they really care about them. The Republicans don’t even try to support those groups.

    • Jello

      Fender nailed it. The Democrats need to grow up out of their feels and stop worshiping freaks and gays, and Republicans need to recognize nobody is fooled by their racism. They’re the angry white man party. NO ONE HERE IS FOOLED.

      Knock off the anger, knock off the “white males iz tha best!!!!” bs, knock off the fetus worship and Jeebus worship, and grow up about sex and drugs, more of us would join you. Right now I despise the Democrats to my dying day but would I join your side? Never.

      A world like yours is like living with your grandmother. Daily to do list: worship Jeebus. Beat the wife. Police the kids. Rescue a fetus. Worship Jeebus. Beat the wife. Police the kids. Rescue a fetus. Rinse, repeat.

      You think anyone wants to live their life like that? Grow the F up. A sensible third party appears in this country ever, both the Dems and you are FINISHED.

  • Ashley Johnson

    Except that the vast majority of economists and scientists are liberal as well… This article is based on nothing.

  • Steven Jussen

    Is there a big liberal loophole that I don;t know about?

    Liberal always want to tax the rich “Make them pay their ‘Fair Share'” – Hollywood stars, musicians and athletes are among the richest Americans (As far as wages go, I’m not sure they all know how to manage money)

    So why are the “rich – 1%’ers – actors and the like – voting and supporting people who want to raise their taxes?

    Is there a loophole for actors?
    Always been curious about this.

    • @Steven, I always assumed that it’s the fact that since they have so much, higher taxes won’t affect them much. It’s a small price to pay to come off like they care about those less fortunate. They don’t want to be seen as selfish, and they are too cowardly to stand up and fight criticism. It’s much easier to look like the nice guy. That’s another thing I’ve noticed. Most of them are cowards and very weak-minded.

      • Exit Only

        Yet they practice long distance charity by demanding others to help the poor firsthand, while they throw a few coins to soothe their guilt. When all rich liberals house the poor and refugees in their homes, dispense with their gas guzzling limos, SUV’s and private jets to reduce their carbon foot print, and live a more spartan life while donating the majority of their wealth to the unfortunate, and dismiss their private armed guards to live like the rest of us unarmed citizens, then I will take them seriously. But in the meantime, its all “do as I say, not as I do.”

    • Tubal-cain

      How’s that political science degree working out for you?

  • JacFlasche

    Lol, I thought this blog was a parody of Conservative “thought”. But this drivel is what actually passes for thought among self-avowed conservatives. That drives the entertainment value through the roof.
    And you guys thought conservatives were a bunch of boring uncreative automatons that mechanically parrot the mindless tag lines of their programmers. Well you guys prove that they can take these tag lines and change the various adjectives and adverbs. Bravo little ones. My advice to you is to avoid mind-expansion of any type. Keep away from intellectual geniuses, Nobel prize winners, the most creative and intelligent persons on earth, any semblance of insight into what is actually going on, any recreational molecules that could jump-start your presently nonfunctional higher mind and emotions. And above any and all axioms, avoid at all costs insight into your own heart and what it would take to turn your quit compulsive and and automatic identification with the unending flow of trite thoughts through what you refer to as “I” into something that actually looks at what is going on without the rediculous programming you have accepted as your opinions. Both Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than the useful dupes of their owners, forever lost in an endless supply of red herrings delivered directly to their neurons by the World Wide Venus Mind Trap.

    • Francis Lane

      Like any good left-brainer, I tried to condense your rant by removing insults, appeals to emotion, ad-hominems, etc., and get down to the basic points. What’s left is that you are saying is that the points raised in this blog are parroted arguments, made without reflection or insight. But you offer no counter argument to these “parroted” arguments. You don’t engage, and you don’t
      offer any support for your accusations. So basically this is an empty rant.

    • Francis Lane

      I mean, to put a sharper point on it, I say 2+2=4. You say “Bravo, little one, but you are a useful dupe, parroting your third-grade math book”. Ok, what if I am? Tell me, how much IS 2+2? You offer nothing, your answer is an insulting deflection, devoid of content.

  • John

    10 paragraphs for left vs. right brain? I’ll add that movies are made in CA. The CA population is 80% Democrat. The overwhelming majority of movie goers are located on the liberal coasts, plus liberal Europe. Demographically, their most loyal fan base is liberal leaning youths age 12-26. From a public relations point of view, liberal policies appear more charitable. Regarding access, Liberal Hollywood teamed up w/ Liberal politicians and created their own club. There’s no going back. Even if they’re Conservative, it suits them better to pretend to be Liberal. Conservatives don’t protest actors. Conservatives keep quiet and pay the movie ticket. Conversely, any actor who publically reveals that they’re a Conservative gets brow beaten by the media & social media protesters. The paradox is that these actors climbed the latter on their own merit. Nothing more unfair than 1,000 actors competing for one role. Where’s the affirmative action? All fair competition thru conservative means. The best person gets the part. The rest go hungry. It’s all P.R. and follow the money.

    “Limousine liberal and latte liberal are pejorative American political terms used to illustrate perceived hypocrisy by a political liberal of upper class or upper middle class status; including calls for the use of mass transit while frequently using limousines or private jets,[1] claiming environmental consciousness but driving fuel inefficient sports cars or SUVs, attacking income inequality while being wealthy themselves, calling for firearms restrictions while protected around the clock by armed guards, or ostensibly supporting public education while actually sending their children to private schools.[2]

    “Limousine liberal” is also a reference to celebrities who use their fame to influence others into agreeing with their political and societal points of view. Such celebrities’ critics (including proponents of the pejorative) assert that their wealth and status keeps them out of touch with the American middle and lower middle classes they purport to support, and that they are typically blind to this disconnect.”

  • David Gorski

    regarding Hollywood’s liberalism, much (MOST) of Hollywood are big time supporters of hilary. they just love her to death. she’s their kind o’ girl. Now, if any of us had a family member like her…or, let’s say, had an in-law that is as flawed, fucked up, and morally reprehensible as she is… I would imagine that person would not be welcome in your homes. (that’s if you had any sense). these Hollywood libs, they wanted her to be president!! WTF?? I don’t think the hollywood liberal can be overgeneralized. I think this is a pretty accurate analysis of hollywood’s liberalism. matt damon is a special kind of hypocrite.

  • Ryan

    I am an actor and I definitely am not liberal. I totally agree with your assessment though it makes complete sense as to why they are very much yielding to their feelings over logic and rationality and facts. Every actor in the classes I take part in are liberal as far as I can see and they’re all obessed with politically correct terms and shit but I just feel that much better of a person because at the end of the day I’m a much more fun person to pend time around since I don’t care what you say in front of me and I am confident in facts and data, and I’m not there to push any agenda, I’m there to work and to make some amazing films/shows.

    • mydogzrock

      There ya go!
      You are very very smart Ryan!!
      I hope you stick with acting and become a successful movie/TV star..(or actor..artist..whichever you prefer).
      Good Luck!!!

    • Vegas Woman

      Thanks Ryan, I wish you success. I am trying to understand, I’m visiting family that are so far left my visit has been sad, to say the least.Bless you !!

  • J3925

    I have often wondered if the extent of liberalism amongst actors and actresses originates, in particular, with high school drama/theater teachers. Over the decades, have liberal high school theater teachers become the entrenched norm, thereby indoctrinating students who go on to have professional careers in Hollywood as well as community theater? An additional effect is that such students become ardent capitalists without ever giving it a thought. Whenever I think of Hollywood Progressives, I always think of that arch-capitalist, Michael Moore. (Yes, Michael, that’s what you really are.)

  • daflyboys

    Very well written synopsis. Not overly wordy. Hit on the left/right brain angle I was thinking of recently when pondering this.

    As I said in the Tina Fey Breitbart piece, I wonder what the construct of Hollywood would be like if they had no awards or awards ceremonies where they can flaunt their platitudes (and seem to be doing so more than ever).

  • Francis Lane

    I’m a left brain leaning person, an engineer who, in order to do a good job, has to understand how things work, and then get it right. My end product is not judged on whether it evokes emotions of love, hate, hapiness, sadness, etc, but whether it works. I watched an interview with Meryl Streep in which she was asked “how do you know when you have succeeded in what you do?” and I thought to myself “when the plot is clearly transmitted to the audience”, but she said “when you evoke certain emotions in the audience”. Typical left brain answer on my part, typical right brain on her part, but it woke me up. Look at her acceptance speech for that award – its all about the emotions Trump evokes, nothing analytic about it. Flailing his arms around when talking about a disabled reporter was bad acting on his part, and she believes he needs to be condemned and rejected for that. The question of whether he was in fact mocking a disabled reporter is irrelevant. Life is a performance, and his performance was flawed, it failed to evoke positive emotions in her, and so, as a leader, he is a failure. I think this article hits the nail.

    Another mistake people make, on both the right and left, is to “project” their personal issues onto society, onto politics, national and/or local. It struck me that the spokeswomen at the women’s march, Madonna, Ashley Judd, etc. are well known to have father-issues. Hillary Clinton has father-issues. I can’t get away from the feeling that their fathers in some sense hurt them, and their politics is about seeing society as a reflection of their family, and avenging and rectifying this hurt on the national stage. What about conservatives? They seem to value a stable family in which the father is a source of security and wisdom, and they make the same mistake of seeing society as a reflection of their family, and wanting the society to reflect their viewpoint. Neither liberals nor conservatives seem to worry much about analysis of how things work, they are right-brainers falling for the comfort of ideology-driven politics which relieves them of the responsibility to think and analyze, and there will never be peace between the two. Libertarians are very left-brain and analytic, so I sympathize a lot, but their obsession with left-brain thinking, their lack of compassion and empathy, can drive my right brain a little crazy. And what about me? To what extent is my politics a projection of my personal and family issues onto the national stage? It’s easy to purposefully ignore these issues when trying to build a better mousetrap, but is viewing politics as only concerned with building a better mousetrap the right thing to do?

    I wish these right-brainers would engage their left brain a little more before opening their mouths, and maybe us left-brainers like me should engage our hearts a little more, even if it messes up our calculations. But that’s a left-brainer’s pipe dream. The thing that interests me about Trump is that when it comes to the media circus, he’s a right-brain expert, but when it comes to business, he’s a left-brain expert from the word go. I have my fingers crossed that has enough of both brains to manage this. In his book “The art of the deal”, he said that if you want the true measure of a person, see how they act when they are given power. I hope he remembers that.

    • Excellent points Francis!

    • Donald Sutherland

      Francis Lane, This is very well thought out and articulated. This was very enjoyable to read, thank you for taking the time to write this. Well Done. We need leaders who think like this.

      • Francis Lane

        Yes, we do. But leaders have to act as well as think. Straight thinking is equivocal, always shades of gray, but action is not, it’s black and white, and its hard to bounce back and forth. One of my favorite quotes from Shakespeare: “And thus the native hue of resolution Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought, and enterprises of great pitch and moment with this regard their currents turn awry and lose the name of action.” I don’t believe it’s always true, but it lays out a problem. Some people can’t act because they think too much (people stuck in their left brain), some people view analytic thinking as crippling (stuck in their right brain), and refuse to do it. Like Hollywood actors and religious wingnuts and ideologues of any stripe. Leaders like that we don’t need.

    • Mark Lugers

      Wow that was really well written, sometimes I myself get irritated by my right brain- lol

  • 7th Guest

    True left wing values are Trojan horses, for sale to the highest bidder, seek validation, seek sympathy, seek endorsement, are dishonest, negative, shallow, insincere, selfish, ignorant, they hide the truth because the truth makes them less powerful, are worthless values, they want something for nothing, they pretend to be something their not, they want authority over others, and promote themselves, they pass themselves off as the real deal, they are elitist, they don’t practice what they preach, they create rules they don’t follow themselves, and they elevate themselves above others. True left wing values represent death that’s why they promote homosexuality, abortion and atheism.

  • Irina Hockenjos

    I believe the right answer is very simple-it is just a huge money and sold to them for good behavioral success! For their huge money earned and to be continue earning this right or left brain dominant people ready to steal, kill their own mother or child and of course just to be “politically correct”.is nothing to them They will be politically correct for sure at any time!They are not naïve or simple minded-therefore they clearly understand what the Elite wants! If powerful Elite wants them to hate Native Born White Hard Working Middle Class Americans and love Criminal Elements Illegal Aliens in USA -there is no doubts for the Millions of dollars and continue to stay famous this Hollywood addicts will do anything! Be realistic – even talented actors and actresses got to the Top not without selling themselves … So , they continue to sell.. over and over again.. sell everyone and everything .. except only few who can afford to be themselves and say what they want!..

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    To claim that only actors think with the right side of their brain, and that that makes everything they say irrelevant is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever said. Just plain stupid. trumpf is stupid as hell because he clearly thinks with only half a brain, and won’t admits it.

    • horribledeplorable

      There’s that brilliant left wing logic. The president is stupider than I am because…?? Because I don’t like him of course! That’s the highest reasoning you s–tweasels ever manage to offer. Bad, STUPID, rayciss, Hitlernazi (aka republican) — it’s all the same thing! Yet you’re BAFFLED that some things wouldn’t go your way. (Though the only reason you ever do is the power of soulless amorality in numbers).

  • Storm Warning

    Great article.

  • Anonymous 4554687

    like all those who morally pontificate, whether religious nutters or part of the new cult that has poisoned the left, Harvy Weinstein is a sexual predator. it’s funny how often the moral lecturers that make up the left turn out to be rapists, pedos, and sexual predators! every single time you hear of a pedo being busted it takes little googling to discover they’re teachers and members of these ridiculous left wing political groups etc! it’s why the media have stopped publishing the names of caught pedo’s, they PRETEND it’s to protect the child victims but the reality is they’re probably members of the same ‘antifa’ groups!

    • Tubal-cain

      Good points, sir! Why do the feminists and liberal celebrity women continue to venerate these liberal creepers? I’m 60 years-old now, and I’ve had a belly full of the elitist, moralistic, and self-righteous clap-trap talk from the left. How’s the gender studies degrees, art appreciation degrees, and feminist poetry degrees working? Paying off those $50,000 in student loans as a barista at Starbucks, as a sandwich maker at Subway, a cocktail waitress, a social worker, or a community organizer at PETA? Didn’t think so. 9-18 months at a community college, with little to no student loan debt, learning a trade like welding, machinist, electrician, or millwright, and getting life long MARKETABLE skills for a decent paying job, vs dead end minimum wages!! But, liberals look down on the working class tradesmen, the very MEN that risk life, health, and limb daily to make the liberals lives flow, and sustain and repair this flow. They’d never think of getting dirty and working with the traditionalist working class cretins! Plus, they won’t earn delusional doctors wages right out of the shoot too, or push SJW causes, and stop global warming!

  • Jeffrey Wymore

    That big earthquake still has yet to happen. I will rejoice to see those Hollywood letters come tumbling down.

  • Guest

    I say STAY AWAY from BOTH sides. Don’t be a White supremacist or a Christian-hating biased liberal. There is so much EVIL on BOTH sides. One side is gay marriage supporting BULLIES who guilt and shame others for following God and the bible. The other is INCLUSIVE of FAKE racist ‘Christians’ who are pro segregation. How does ANYBODY win that way?

    I say just be a racially harmonious God-fearing Christian who loves EVERYONE and follows all the Lord’s commandments. Don’t associate with EITHER side. Be a good Godly person. Bernie Sanders should be in the Oval Office because he does not cater to EITHER side.

    • Lefty

      Sanders is an admitted socialist who loves the capitalist benefits of life. Look at the mansions he was given. Right brained morons love to relish in their ignorance & the allure of socialism until the door slams shut on the way to communism and then it’s too late for everyone, except the tyrant leadership who have to watch their own backs from then on. A perfect illustration for the “right brainer” types is the scene in Pinocchio where they are lured into the free candy land and become slaves after the vault slams shut, with no escape. Good luck with Bernie and his ilk ‘ol comrade buddy!

  • Guest

    I forgot to mention the fake Christian right loves to OPPRESS THE POOR and BLAME THE POOR for being oppressed. We can’t win with the left or the right. We need to ABOLISH both parties. Wicked people are behind both agendas.


    So true. Great article.
    I’m very happy I found this site, unfortunately this article above was written in 2014 & I haven’t checked yet if this site is still on going in 2019. I hope it is though, which I will be checking when I finish writing this post.

    This article above may have been written in 2014, but it’s still very revelant today on Oct. 10 2019.

  • Craig

    SAG is about the most anti-American organization there is my opinion is if you pay royalties to employees within the Entertainment industry then everyone in every trade should get paid for past work, sorry! it is first run and done as in aired once or run the movie theater circuit once your payments stop.